Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still Waiting For The Sun

   We are still waiting for the sun. Every once in a while, the sun will pop out for a few minutes just to let us know it's still there. Somewhere.
   It rained all day yesterday, and it's rained most of today so far. Of course, snow is in the forecast, too. We have had snow as late as June and as early as July. Me, personally, I'd like summer to last longer than a month.
  Chip sure does like watching the rain and snow falling, from the warm vantage point of the ottoman in a warm house.
   The many shades of green are very pretty, and soon there will be wildflowers of different colors thrown in. When we first moved up here in 2006, we couldn't believe all the water and the green. So different from the Mojave desert. With all the snow and rain, we'd still rather be up here than down there.

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