Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fog Season

   I see by not seeing far, that it's fog season up here. I've never really paid much attention to fog until we moved up here, not even when we lived close to the ocean in CA. I don't like the fog down by the ocean, because I wear glasses. What, you may ask, does wearing glasses have to do with fog? As a fog non expert, I've found fog by the ocean messes up your glasses with salt or something. You go to wipe the fog off of your glasses, and it smears and makes a bigger mess than the fog was. I also don't like the smell of ocean fog.
   Up here in the sticks, I like watching the fog roll in. I can see the fog quite a way in the distance, and it creeps in, covering the world in a swirling, white mist. Have you ever seen the movie "The Fog"? That's what it reminds me of, the way it rolls in, surrounding the house so I can see nothing and then rolling out again. Yeah, I know, I have waaay too much time on my hands and I watch weird movies.
   I open the door to let the dogs out and I can actually see the fog swirling around as tiny drops of water. I've decided I like to watch the fog from the comfort of the house. I decided years ago, that I don't like driving in it. There is always some idiot going way too fast for the conditions, and some other idiot in on coming traffic with their high beams on making a really nice glare. I also just know there is going to be some animal standing in the road that I can't see through the fog.
   We have freezing fog up here. I like the look of the world covered in the aftermath of the freezing fog. Everything has a nice frosted look. Great for taking pictures. Freezing fog changes the way the snow looks on the ground. It makes the snow look like different shaped crystals. Some of the crystals remind me of the stuff you used to be able to get, (still might be able to get, for all I know) to paint on the back of aquariums and it gets that crystal fan look.
   The fog is rolling away right now. I guess I'm safe from what ever hides in it for now. At our place, what hides in it are wild turkeys and deer.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing New Happening Here

   It's sad to say, life up here is so quiet, nothing is going on. The turkeys visiting for their bread is about the high light of my day.
   I've been crocheting the Christening set and now have the bonnet finished. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. I had to take a break from the booties because the pattern was making no sense what so ever. I've been looking on the net for another bootie pattern using no. 10 cotton crochet thread and can't find any I like, so I guess I'll have to figure out the pattern I have. That's tomorrows project.
   This weekend was pretty nice. Yesterday was kind of foggy, but not bad. We did our monthly shopping. Today was so nice, Tim went and cut down some dead trees and trimmed others up. I stayed in because it's icy and made cookies and bread. Yesterday, when we were in Wal-Mart, I ran across some Nestles dark chocolate and mint chips. The bag says limited edition. That's too bad, they made good cookies.
   I guess since nothing is going on, it's time to waste time playing Mahjong on the computer. Later this week, I'm going to put some cookie recipes on here that my mom made when we were kids, and I have been making lately.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Crocheting Lately

   I've been busy crocheting lately. I just finished these pig slippers for a friend of a friend. Maybe, one day, I will manage to get eyes the same size and evenly spaced.
   I was once a docent at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum in Lancaster, Ca, and was told that Native Americans left a small flaw in all their work so the evil spirits don't get trapped in their work. I have no evil spirits in any of my work. I know where all the imperfections are, but I don't make any that detract from the finished product.
   Now, I am ready to start a Christening afghan, bonnet and booties out of no. 10 crochet thread. They will take me quite a while to make and will not have any noticeable flaws in them.
   Our snow has pretty much melted due to lots of rain and a heat wave in the 40's. I'm sure more snow is to be expected. The ground is so soft and squishy, the trailer hitch on our travel trailer has sunk just about as far as it can go and Tim has to wait for the ground to get hard again to get it out, which will, I'm told, take some doing.
   We had about 40 turkeys in our yard Saturday. They come to "here turkey, turkey" which, I think, is funny. I guess I have to get my laughs where I can.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Look! It's Snowing Again

    Yup. It's snowing again. After I took these pictures, I thought I really should find something else to take pictures of. The problem is, is, it's kind of hard to take other pictures if you're not allowed out of the house and this is what I see from the front and back doors.
   The snow was the really fine powdery stuff at first, but it is changing to the bigger, wetter flakes. In my snow viewing from the safety of being in the house, I have decided a lot of the snow coming down looks like feathers. Sometimes it looks like a huge pillow fight is going on and all the feather pillows have torn apart.
   Chip likes to sit on the ottoman or a chair arm and look out the window at the snow. I think he is
getting cabin fever. He freezes if he's out for any length of time.
   Yesterday, the turkeys came around for more bread. They stayed for 6 hours. They drove the dogs crazy. They were huddled up under the eves by the back windows. They've never been that comfortable here before. It must be the homemade bread. I do know that you're not suppose to feed the wildlife, but I'm not the only one, which is no excuse. I doubt they'll be around today.
   I have a nice sky light in the middle of the kitchen and all this snow makes it pretty dark in there. Sunday, I noticed the kitchen was really bright for a change since all the snow had melted off of it. It was
   After today's snow, we are suppose to have many days of rain and even a heat wave in the low 40's. Hopefully, the sheet of ice that's under the snow will have a chance to melt before this all starts again.
   Who knows? Maybe mud season will come early this year. I really don't like mud season.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Here For The Bread

Yesterday, the turkeys came around again. They haven't been around for a week or so. I think they were finally able to get through the snow, since it's only about 5" deep.
   I thought I'd see if this batch of turkeys liked bread. I just happened to have some stale homemade bread that I needed to do something with.
   I quietly opened the door and threw a piece of bread out. A turkey saw it and ran up to the door to get more. Just as the rest of the turkeys saw the bread, Chip ran out the door and scared them off. It's a really good thing the turkeys didn't decide to turn on Chip. With their long sours and their sharp beaks, they could have done some damage to the goofy dog.
   We weren't really happy about him spoiling our fun and figured next time the turkeys came by, we'd have to put him in his room.
   The turkeys came by again today. Jake and Chip let me know by barking at them through the front window. I put both dogs up, and got the bread and opened the door a crack.
   The turkeys weren't really close to the house, but I threw bread anyway. One turkey saw it, so he and 2 others came and gobbled (sorry) up bread. When it was about gone, about 7 others came running.
   Now, I need to get them to come when I gobble at them. They might get the hang of it. Some years, the turkeys seem stupider than other years.
   It was funny watching them slipping and sliding on the sheet of ice to get some of the bread. Maybe, they'll come back tomorrow. I still have more bread. If we hear this tapping on the front door, we'll know it's turkeys looking for bread. It would be funny if they came tapping to let us know it was feeding time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Am A columnist. Who'd A Thunk?

   I write for another blog, http://www.thewmpetconnection.com/, and have bee made their first columnist. My column is called Deep Pet Thoughts by Laura Ast. You should check it out sometime. Others write for the blog also. I have things posted on Thursdays.
   I still find it funny/weird, that I have regular followers on the blogs. Besides these 2 blogs, I occasionally write for http://www.thewmreviewconnection.com/. I don't write for this blog much, and have only recently started it.
   I now spend even more time on the computer. I am making progress. I no longer play Farmville or Frontierville, due to lack of interest. I am beginning to think I am Wii challenged. I have an Agatha Christie And Then There Were None game, and it took me 1/2 an hour figuring out how to make the guy walk where I wanted him to walk. I'm really bad at Mario, and I bowled so much I made my shoulder hurt. I did start using my NordicTrack cross country ski thing at the same time, so maybe it wasn't all bowling. Since we still have snow on top of a good sheet of ice, that's the way I'm getting my exercise.
   We are suppose to get another 7-10 inches of snow Wednesday. Usually, that means we'll get more. That could mean more snow pictures. I have some snowy sunset pictures I will post on here eventually.
   Well, I guess it's time to waste more time on the computer playing Bejeweled Blitz. I might be playing it too much because I'm having terrible luck matching jewels. I do much better on Vegas Nights. Betty White was right when she said Facebook was a terrible waste of time. I should know. I'm on there enough.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Time Flies

   Well, here it is, 2011 already. I noticed when Tim and I started having kids, that time went by really fast. Being a grandparent speeds time up even more. When I was a teenager, I couldn't even imagine being a parent, yet alone, a grandparent. You know the saying "time flies when you're having fun"? Well, I can honestly say, it wasn't all fun, but the time did fly.
   I didn't stay up to see the New Year in. My movie ended about 10 and I finished my book about 11 and boredom set in so I went to bed. If you've seen 1 New Year in, you've seen them all. At least up here, there were no guns being shot off, like there is in the city, which is odd, since we hear gun shots all the time up here, what with target practice and hunting.
   I decided in December I was really going to make a big effort and loose weight, eat better and hopefully get in better shape. I figure, since it was in December that I decided this, it's not a New Year's resolution. For me, New Year resolutions last about a day, so I just don't make them.
   I have more things to crochet for Myrna. She says she's going to keep me in business. I guess if that's the case, I should get organized. I'm not very good at being organized. I start out well and it goes down hill from there.
   We still have snow and it has been in the teens and 20's for our highs and in the single digits and teens for our lows. More snow is expected.
   I saw an immature bald eagle fly over the house the other day. This time of year, we usually see bald eagles flying by. In Wolf Lodge Bay, Idaho, you can go and see many bald eagles as they catch the dying salmon. January and February are the best times to see them. We never manage to get up there in time to see them. Maybe this year, but icy roads and snow aren't good traveling conditions. Also, in February, up in Utt,WA the trumpet swans stop by on their way up to Canada. I'd like to go and see them again, too. It's closer to us, so the possibilities are better.
   I hope everyone had a good Christmas and I hope the New Year is good to everyone. I'm off to a good start. I actually folded the towels, just in time to wash more. Maybe I should make folding clothes my resolution, since the clothes folding dryer hasn't been invented yet.