Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally! A Spring Day

   Even though we started the day out at a nippy 26 degrees, we made it up to a nice, slightly breezy 66. A very nice day, indeed.
   People were out working on getting their gardens ready for planting in late May.Kids out playing,having a good old time.
   We went and bought 6 1/2 foot high deer fencing to put around the garden, as well as some veggie plants and more seeds. I'm pretty sure we've cornered the market on veggie seeds. There were flower seeds, too. I now have a wide variety of sunflower seeds, along with several other kinds of flower seeds. I did finally get my daisy seeds. Daisies and daisy like flowers are my favorite. Knowing my luck, they are also a favorite of deer, too.
   We were at a nursery and I saw a Creeping Charlie plant. I haven't seen one of those in years. These were green and white variegated and I have never seen one like that before, so of course, it had to come home with me.
   The blueberry plants weren't in yet, so we were out of luck there. I think we need 3 or 4 more, once the nursery has them in. I also need to get some garlic and I would really like to plant sweet potatoes or yams. I think, since I can't find any seep potatoes for the sweet potatoes, I will just try planting some from the grocery store.
   We still need another apple and pear, along with a couple apricot trees for Tim. Hopefully, this will be a much better season than last year.
   Tomorrow is suppose to be nice than today, so I bought bread and cookies, so I can play outside and not bake.
   We lived it up and had McDonalds on the way home. Tomorrow, I think it's homemade pizza time, since our local pizza place closed down.
   We could always have ram. I know just where to find one. He does seem to be a friendly fellow, but it would be nice if he stayed in his own yard.

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