Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carrot-Walnut Bread

   Many, many years ago, I cut a recipe for Carrot-Walnut Bread out of some newspaper. I have no idea when, but I think it was from The Enterprise when we lived in Simi Valley, CA. We moved from there in 1987, and I know I've been making this bread longer than that.
   The recipes calls for cooking this bread in the microwave, which is nice. The recipe is old enough to have microwaves without turn tables in them, because you have to rotate the bread.
   The bread oozed over the tops of my glass bread pans and made a nice mess in the microwave. I've since cooked it in the oven. One day, I think I'm going to add pineapple to the recipe and have sort of carrot cake bread.
   This is about the only way I could get the kids to eat carrots. As usual, I put more in than the recipe calls for. You can find the recipe on my recipe page. I hope you enjoy it.

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