Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Finally Made Bear Clothes

Smirky Bear
   At long last, I have made the bear clothes. I had to make another bear to see if the clothes would fit, and I named him Smirky Bear because his face looks like he is smirking. He originally was named Damn Bear because I was having trouble with sewing his feet and legs because the directions on the pattern and the diagrams are flakey. I had the same problem when I made bears for the five grand kids and since I didn't think I would be making anymore bears, I didn't change the directions on the pattern. I didn't write down the changes this time either, but I did use three different colors of fabric to show how the feet go.

   The bears have flannel pajamas and slippers, summer pajamas out of the backing I used for the quilts I made the kids for Christmas last year and three other short sleeved shirts and pairs of pants. I used Velcro on the shirts because it is easier for little fingers to maneuver than tiny buttons or snaps. The shirts can be worn with the opening in the front or the back. I also changed the shirt pattern because the shirt was a pullover shirt and it would have been hard to get it over the bear's heads. I know, I should have made some dresses for Ashlynn and Michaela's bears, but I didn't because I didn't want to make tiny underwear for them. Later, I might add some dresses and sunsuits for girl bears, but then again, I might not. There is nothing wrong with pants. The kids can roll up the pants legs if they want their bears to wear shorts.

Pajama slippers, because there is nothing worse than a bear with cold feet.
Slippers and pajama pants

Pajama set
Short sleeve pajamas

Micheal's bear's clothes. The back of his quilt was orange.

Ashlynn's bear clothes, The darker pink is the backing of
her quilt.
Alix's bear clothes. He has a red backing on his quilt.

Nathan's bear clothes. He has a stripped back on his quilt.
Hopefully, no one will point out the
thunderclouds and rain are falling up
on the one shirt. I'm pretty sure someone will.
Michaela's bear clothes. She also has a dark pink backing on her
quilt, or quit as the kids call them.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks For The Warning

   This time of year, I like a nice cup of hot chocolate in the evenings after supper. By nice, I mean a little hot chocolate with my marshmallows. I eat the marshmallows with a spoon and if the hot chocolate is still hot, I add more marshmallows to be eaten with the spoon before I drink the chocolate when it has cooled some.
My nightly cup of hot chocolate
The other night I noticed something I hadn't noticed on the bag before, and I do admit I am not the most observant person at times.

 I have never noticed the warning on the back of the bag. All these years, I have been eating my marshmallows wrong. When I eat them straight out of the bag, I always eat more than one at a time, but I am usually sitting down when I eat them because I am watching TV. Yes, I do realize the warning is for little children, but I am someone's child, just an old one and I am not small.
Then I noticed the part about closing the bag after it has been opened to keep the marshmallows soft. When I was a kid, probably not eating marshmallows the right way, I learned that when you open something it generally needs closed if it is not used up or you aren't finished with it. I always put my opened bag in a gallon size zippered plastic bag, but wouldn't it make sense to have the marshmallow bag have a zippered opening to close the bag?
It's pretty sad that there has to be this warning and handy information because some people lack common sense and might sue Kraft.