Monday, February 25, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again

   As you can see by the tremendous amount of blogs I have posted lately, absolutely nothing is going on here. It's still winter, and today, it's snowing. We were suppose to only get 1-3" but I think I can safely say we will be getting more than that since we already have about 4" of the new wet fluffy kind of snow. We do have 100% chance of snow.
   On my last blog, I have no idea why it posted the way it did. I did everything like I usually do, but I guess it needed a change, too.
   I am making progress playing the recorder and tin whistle. My mind is having trouble remembering the name of the notes, but my fingers remember where they are suppose to be to make the notes, so I guess it's progress.
   I have made a little progress hula hooping. It's a heavier and bigger adult hula hoop so it's harder, for me anyway, to keep up. Everytime Michaela sees me get it out, she has to call Amy over and she sits on the floor on Amy's lap and laugh at me. It reminds me of when we were kids and we laughed at my mom as she was doing Jack LaLane exercises that were on the TV. In my older years, I feel bad about doing that.
   It's that time of year when everyone is tired of snow and are planning what to plant in their gardens.
Some people in town have even tilled their gardens up already, They get less snow than we get. Our garden happens to be frozen and under a bunch of snow. We are trying to figure out ways to keep our spinach crop from getting dirt all over the leaves. It doesn't rinse off that well just running it under water. We really need a green house and/or hoop frames, cold frames.
   Phyllis the White Crested Black Polish chicken has finally started to lay eggs that are usable. She laid 2 others, but the shells were so soft they got walked on and broke. Anyway, Phyllis lays the longest, narrowest eggs I have ever seen. If I were a chicken, that would be the kind I'd want to push out. They are a very elongated egg shape and very white.
   I still haven't started making bear clothes yet. I have them added to the top of my long list of things to make.
   As you can see, nothing exciting is going on. It might be nice to have some kind of good excitement once in a while. We can do without the bad kind of excitement.