Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here A Moose, There A Moose, Everywhere A Moose Moose

 Yesterday, we all went for a drive. Up by Cataldo, ID, we came across some moose enjoying the sun and the north fork of the Coeur d'Alene River.
 This moose was getting a little annoyed with everyone stopping and bothering his swim. He is just a young moose, you can see his antlers just starting to grow.
He had enough, so he left.

This moose was just munching along on plants. They go in the water to escape the bugs, too.

He was just didn't want to hold still for his photo op.

If we didn't know he was there, he would have been very happy. We weren't really that close to the moose, because they aren't the friendliest of critters. The zoom on my camera worked well.
 We had a visiting bee a couple of weekends ago. I was able to get pretty close to it without it flying away, but I also used zoom. I was surprised that you can see his/her hairy legs and the details on the wings. The Pear blossoms it was on are pretty, too.
 I also made a couple of pin cushions using 4 oz. canning jars. I made this one for me. I haven't decided if I'll make any more. They weren't hard to make.
Amy thought it was nice I had pins that went well with the fabric, which wasn't intentional.

I have 2 quilt tops finished and need to get busy on the other three. Christmas is not that far away since I decided to make the quilts. If I hadn't decided to make them, Christmas would be much later. I know, it's the same amount of time, but the projects make it seem closer. I have only made 1 shirt and 1 pair of shorts. I need to get busy and work on more, but since the weather is now 70 if we're lucky, it's ok. It was warmer for a couple of days not too long ago, just teasing us for what might come.
I ordered a Native American flute Monday. It should be here Friday, according to the FedEx tracking number. I'm looking forward to learning how to play it. I'm sure it will drive the dogs, and some people, crazy. I'll let you know how the playing goes.
The garden isn't completely planted yet, thanks to the rain. Who knows where our carrot seeds went. The deer ate my spaghetti squash. They must really like the plants, because every time I plant it, they eat it. We have the rest of the 6 foot posts now, so the garden can be fenced in.
The chickens haven't started laying yet, but since I really don't know how old they are suppose to be when they start, I guess I'll just be surprised. The places I have looked on the internet say about 15 weeks for the Golden Comets and they are about that old. I read the White Crested Black Polish chickens don't start laying until they are 7-9 months old. They are about the same age as the Golden girls. It doesn't really matter about Phyllis' egg laying since I just bought her and Albert because they were weird.
Other that all the above excitement, life is still pretty darned dull.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

   It's Mother's Day again, and we did the usual. Nothing. I'm not cooking dinner, though. Tim is not a happy camper. Our brand new spiffy rototiller we bought April 7th died. It's going back to where we bought it from tomorrow after Tim gets home from work and they had better fix it.
   Somethings were planted yesterday and it was the plan to plant the rest of the root crops today, but that's not happening.
   Poor Albert had to be separated from the girls. They were pecking the back of the poor guys head. Now, he has his own bachelor pad. We did put Phyllis in there with him, but she started pecking at the back of his head, so she's back with the rest of the chickens. Tim wasn't really thrilled about having to whip up a home for Albert. This just hasn't been Tim's weekend. Sorry Tim.
   I haven't gotten around to cutting out my shorts pattern. There's always tomorrow. It's suppose to be 85 tomorrow. Way to hot.
   We bought our tomato plants yesterday. They are sitting all over the kitchen counters. We forgot to get cherry tomatoes, so I guess we'll do that later. One year, we really should start the seeds nice and early in the house and just use them instead of buying them.
   Since it's Mother's Day, I'm taking the rest of the day off. I hope all you mothers out there have a nice day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Are You Sure It's Really Spring?

   Well, it's May 11, and our low this morning was 25. It is suppose to be our last really cold morning with lows from now on in the 40's and above. We plan on planting the garden this weekend like so many other people up here, so hopefully this is true. Monday is suppose to be 85 which is really much hotter than normal, so I guess I'll get started on sewing my summer clothes. We're normally in the mid to upper 60's this time of year.
   Finally, after years of cracked sore fingers, my fingers are healed. I really hope it lasts. I will be able to spin again. I have missed spinning and my spinning wheels are suffering from neglect, and I've heard them calling me for a while now. The only down side to not having cracked fingers is all the new skin, and thinner layers of skin, make them really heat sensitive. I can live with that.
   Albert, Phyllis and the gang keep getting bigger. They are funny. If they hear or see me, they come running, but don't do this for anyone else. I guess they know who feeds them. I gave them their first of apple peelings  the other day. They were funny. All 6 of them look at the peelings and then turn and all look up at me like  "what are we suppose to do with this". I just have to remember, I have chickens to feed scraps to now and not put everything into the compost pile. I have read they aren't suppose to eat raw potato parts because they could get sick. Also onions and garlic unless you want off tasting eggs. I'm not really sure about the potatoes, though, because I'm pretty sure a friend of mine fed her chickens potato skins and her chickens did just fine. If anyone out there knows, could you let me know. I'm new to chickens.
   We haven't had anymore visiting livestock from behind us for a couple of weeks now. The calves are fun to watch. One was just running around yesterday afternoon, having a high old time. I haven't been close enough to cows before to know the calves played. It only makes sense that they do.
   The deer keep eating our rhubarb. I guess the rhubarb leaves aren't poisonous to deer. We're going to have to move them into the fenced garden, we think. Since they have never gotten really big, thanks to the deer, it will be an easy thing to do.
   I'm thinking about making more yogurt again. My yogurt tasted very good, and was thick until I stirred it and then it was like a milkshake. I can live with milkshake yogurt. I did make vanilla yogurt because I just don't like plain yogurt. Now, for fun, I guess I'll get up and do something exciting, like eat lunch.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Kidding

   Well, spring is finally in the air, every once in a while for an hour or 2 anyway. The last couple of years we have had visiting sheep in the yard, but this year is different. All those cute little kids, the 4 legged kind from behind us, have visited. It's a really good thing we haven't planted the garden yet and they didn't find the berries or the fruit trees. The 6 little visitors really liked eating the pine trees. I still am a goat person, but they are more work than I want to do right now in my midlife old age.
   I have been busy sewing, finally. I have made one shirt, 2 pin cushions made with 4 oz canning jars and 2 quilt tops. Once I can get the computer to cooperate and let me do something with my photos, I'll but them up here. I'm still trying to figure out this new computer. Yup, I'm technology challenged. Anyway, I'm making all the quilts patchwork quilts. I remember being a kid, and having kids, and there is, was and always the same whine of "How come theirs is different", so, except for the placement of the squares, they are all pretty much the same. I am going to make the backs different and I'm going to embroider their names and the dates and that the quilts are from me on each one. I haven't decided if I'm going to close my eyes and pick a quilt for each grandchild or some other way. Two will maybe be a little girlier than the other 3. The sizes of the quilts are 50 something by 60 something. How do you like those exact measurements?
   I definitely have a Phyllis and an Albert White Crested Black Polish chicken. I had hoped I did. I guess I just was lucky to get one of each and not 2 roosters. Five chickens and one rooster is good.
   Spring maybe in the air, but it snowed yesterday morning and this morning. It's a good thing it didn't stick!
   Tim and I bought 4 grape plants and another blueberry, 2 concord and 2 black seedless grapes and a giant blueberry. If everything we already have and the new fruit trees and berries we bought earlier grow, I'm going to be very, very busy. Our veggie garden this year is suppose to be about 45'x90'. Last years garden didn't do all that well, and that seems to be how most peoples gardens grew last year.
   The hummingbirds are back and we told Amy if she's outside and hears a buzzing close to her head, don't swat at it, since more than likely it will be a hummingbird.
   Monday, I went to the dermatologist about my hands. For lack of a better thing to call it, the diagnosis is hand dermatitis. I got a huge steroid shot and some cream that's suppose to work wonders. The Dr. said my hands should be better, but still not great by the end of the week. The cream I use twice a day and I'm suppose to wait at least 5 minutes before touching my face. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I finish rubbing it in, my face itches. I'm really hopping the shot and the cream really do the trick. I have things I want to do, besides my fingers are painful.
   My excitement for today is make some cookies. I just really don't know what kind I want to make. I guess I'd better get to it. Can you read the enthusiasm.