Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Is Here, Spring Is Hear

   At long last, spring is here. It's also hear. You can hear the birds and the hail and the baby animals behind us. You can't really tell by our below freezing temps at night, but we have been in the mid 40's to the lower 50's, so that means spring. The fields and yards are turning green. It's funny, but the grass is green under the snow. I still haven't seen our first buttercup of the year yet. On the down side, spring is also mud season and boy is it muddy.
   I took a picture of one of Phyllis' pointy eggs next to the other eggs we are getting. She still lays eggs like this, so I guess they are normal for her. I really need to get busy and bake because I have a lot of eggs. I don't have enough to sell.

Since it is spring, we have been getting our usual rain and hail to help the mud situation along. We had this hail the other day.
   The storm lasted about 20 minutes and the hail was still there the next morning. It was about thumb nail size and I guess technically, it was gropel.
   Soon, hopefully, the ground will be firm enough to till up the garden a few times. It's still way too early to plant anything. The strawberries that have leaves piled on top of them are doing well. 
   I'm going to plant the kind of peas I usually plant this year, because the peas I planted last year stay hard as a rock even after pressure cooking them. Teach me to plant something other then the old tried and true.
   The other day, I went into the laundry room and found this.There are feet under that big dog in the clothes basket. It didn't bother Jake, who just kept on eating. Those are Michaela's feet. Her trusty bunny is in the basket with her. Clothes baskets are such fun when you're a kid.

I'm making progress playing my assorted musical instruments. Michaela wants to dance all the time when I play them. For some reason, she doesn't like the alto recorder and always tells me to put it back. I figure since the dogs don't howl when I play, I'm doing alright.