Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just Vegetating

   Life is duller than usual around here, because on July 26, I had ankle surgery to fuse my ankle, and I get to stay off of it for 8 weeks. I get to hang out in bed and be really bored. I have been reading and wasting a lot of time playing on my iPad. Thursday, when I had the splint removed and a gazillion staples removed, I also got a nifty green non-weight bearing cast. Now for fun, I can be up for 3 whole hours at a time and then it's back to bed or the couch. If I do alright with the first 3 hours, I can get up for another 3 hours in the evening. Such fun!
   Today, I decided I was going to try sitting in my wheelchair with my foot on the ottoman and see how that works. So far, so good.
   Of course, since we are having a heat wave right now, the compressor went out on our heat pump, so that means no AC. We have to get it fixed before winter, because that would mean ho heat, and we sure don't want that.
   Tim was looking out the window last night and a coyote walked about 3 feet from the window, headed for the chicken coop. Of course, by the time he got out there to take care of it, it was gone. Luckily, it didn't get into the coop.
   We had a really bad lightening and thunderstorm last night as well. The lightening was so close and you could tell it was hitting the ground. Luckily, no fires were started here, but it sure did light up the world. The thunder was so loud it actually shook the house. The dogs were not happy at all.
   Speaking of the dogs, Chip has decided if I am wheeling around to slow for his liking, he just runs under the chair as I'm wheeling around. No, I haven't run over him yet, but I did run over the toes on my good foot. Not something I would recommend doing again.
   Jake sticks really close to me. When we got Jake from the shelter, I was in the same wheelchair, because I broke my leg at that time and that is why I had my ankle fused this time. Anyway, As I'm trying to go someplace and not run over Chip, Jake is in the way. You would think that he would just turn around and walk, but nooo, he has to backup the whole time until I can get past him. Both dogs follow me into the bathroom. What do they think they are going to do, help? They are good dogs and taking good care of me.
   I had planned to get a lot of crafting things done, but I'm either not in the mood or it will take longer than my 3 hours of having my foot down.
   I finally got off of level 88 on Candy Crush and now I am stuck on level 91. I have no idea why I keep playing it, but I do, even though I have quit playing it many time. Stupid game!
   Next, I'll play Facebook slots and figure I'll bet really high, and when I run out of "money" I'll just delete them and go onto something new. Wouldn't you know it, I keep winning. It would be really nice if I could do that on real slot machines. Of course, that is hard earned money, that I don't want to lose too fast so I bet really low. Goes to show you, to win big you have to play big, and I'm just cheap. My 3 hours are up and I can feel my leg swelling, so I guess it's time to go put it up somewhere, right after I try to find something to eat.
   I hope everyone is having more fun than I am.