Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Sunny Day In Paradise

   Last night, the rain came down in sheets and the winds blew fairly hard just for kicks.
   At 3:20AM, the rain was still coming down. At 3:30 AM, it turned to snow. With strong winds still. The flakes were so big and wet, they just went "splat" against anything they hit.
   We had 4 inches of snow and then it decided to drizzle all day long after the snow stopped about noon. The news is calling this winter part 2.
   To be very honest, I'd much rather have our rain and snow instead of tornadoes and flooding.
   Poor Jake hates getting his feet wet and muddy and there is no place for him to walk.
    Chip comes in frozen from playing in the snow, even though the temperatures never got down to freezing. I know snow is cold.
   Our poor new trees were covered in snow. I hope this doesn't kill them. I don't think it will. It's a good thing they didn't have any blossoms yet.
   Chris, the llama, was having a high old time running in the snow. He probably ran back and forth along the fence just to drive Jake and Chip crazy.
   I do feel sorry for him and the sheep since they were sheared last week. It never fails, shear your critter and the weather turns cold.
   I remember many times after I sheared my angora goats, the weather would turn cold again. One goat,
Q-Tip wore a green sweat shirt because she got so
   The birds are out in mass today, too. Probably a good time for finding worms.
   More rain is expected for most of this week. Still, it could be worse.

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