Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Still Waiting

   Well, summer is almost here, but spring hasn't made it yet. Today, we had a high temperature of 57, and, of course, it rained. Enough with the rain, already. At the rate the weather is going, we won't get the rest of our garden planted. We did find where the carrot seeds washed away to. Some are where they were planted and most are in the path between two rows.
Native American Style  Flute in the key of A.
   On June 1st I started to play the Native American style flute. Well, I tried playing the flute anyway. With much practice and any screechy notes, I think I've got it. Today, I was able to play Amazing Grace. It wasn't perfect, but you could tell what it was.
   My flute is made by Odell Borg from High Spirits Flutes and it's called a Sparrow Hawk. It's in the key of A, 19" long and made from Spanish cedar with an ebonized walnut fetish (the black part). It's a 6 holed flute but can be played as a 5 hole flute by having the 3rd hole covered like it is in the picture.
Sparrow Hawk made from ebonized walnut.
   Sunday, I slid the leather strip down and started playing it as a 6 hole flute. My fingers and brain are getting the hang of things. Eventually, I will play whatever tune comes out, but right now, I'm still learning how to get the notes and fingering. I have a tune in my head, but I don't know how to make it come out yet. I'm getting closer.
   Chip thinks I should be playing with him and not playing the flute, but then again, he also thinks I shouldn't be sewing, I should be playing with him.
   Michaela is my little echo. I blow a note and she says "whoo". As I play higher, her "whoos" get higher.
   Michaela can finally blow in her recorder and make noise, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Shame on me teaching her that. I also taught her how to say "sorry Charlie" but you'd never know what she's saying if you didn't know it. Amy isn't impressed with that one. She figured out all by herself when to say it.
   Not much else is really exciting unless you count our brand new, sparkly riding lawn mower. Oh, and one of the bucks from behind us in the yard, tromping through the garden. The fence will go up if it ever stops raining. At least we aren't having a drought and terrible, terrible fires. Our normal rainfall for this time of year is about 8 1/2 " and we are up to about 12". Too bad with all the rain comes all the biting bugs. Ouch!!