Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Finally Came

   Yes, winter finally made it. It has snowed off and on since Saturday and we have about 13 inches of snow with last nights snow added to it. I know, 13 inches isn't really all that much, but it's the most we've had on the ground at one time this winter. We had a low of 7 yesterday morning which is the coldest we've been this winter, as well.
   With the snow, comes less mud right now. We still have all that mud under the snow, but it's frozen for most of the day. It's so muddy here, it's not even funny. Twice the traffic up the driveway has made a much, much bigger mess. All the rain hasn't helped, either, and all this snow when it melts won't help matters any. I was going to go out and take mud pictures, but it seems to be under snow right now. I know, you've all seen mud before, but you haven't seen our driveway muddy.
   We all seem to be over what ever ailment we had, except Tim and I still have the cough that won't go away. Daniel didn't get it as bad as Tim and I and so far, Amy and Michaela haven't managed to get it. Tim told me last night that round 2 is going around work now. I hope it just passes us right on by. I've had my yearly bout of who knows what.
   I'm not moving very fast on all my projects. I did decide I'm leaving the top of the heads open for stuffing future Dammit Dolls and then just sew them up with the sewing machine. I'm hand sewing the openings together on the dolls I have now. I did consider resewing the dolls and unstitching the top of the heads, but I sewed them really well and I figure it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm suppose to make a box full and send them to Daniel and Amy since Amy has friends who would like one.
   My fingers are in an almost healed phase right now, so I will eventually start crocheting the Roly Polies for them, too.
   I'm waiting for the weather to warm up to wash all the llama hair, but am thinking about washing it now anyway. I even thought about sending it off to be commercially processed, but have no idea of where to send it these days. It's cheaper if I do it myself, anyway and I do have the time to do it, just not the place to scatter it around to dry.
   I'm thinking about getting a new laptop, but have no idea what is a good, yet inexpensive kind. I was considering a tablet and I had decided on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 32gb 10.1, but I was told I'd have a monthly bill for the wifi and I don't want that. I already have wifi and I don't want to pay for it twice. I think I really need to go and talk to someone who knows more about laptops and tablets than I do, which is just about anyone.
   I am very annoyed with Adobe Digital Editions. One reason I bought the Nook Color last year was because I could download library books onto it. I have only been able to twice. That is the worst program. Now, if I could just figure out how to unregister form ADE and start over again, it would be nice. I have uninstalled the program and done everything else the "helpful" hints say to do, but no luck. I have managed to use the program before, so I know how it's done, but now it comes up with some error message on my computer, so I have uninstalled it again and am frustrated enough, I just might not use it again. Sometimes technology is a real pain in the ass.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Know It's A Bad Sign When...

   You know it's a bad sign when you go to Walmart and as soon as you're in the store, there a many, many displays of cold and flu medicines. That's what we went to Walmart for, and so did every other sick person in Spokane and the surrounding areas. Let's all just spread more germs.
   When we made it to the cough and cold/flu isle, people were so rude and pushy. They just had to get in the way and grab their medicine, while I stood there and tried to figure out what exactly I could take. I chose my generic Vicks Vapo Rub, Vicks inhaler and 2 different kids of Coricidin medicine. One for coughs and one for no coughs. I stared and read many packages of cough drops and decided I'd just get lemon drops or peppermint candy.
   We got the dog food and and other dog stuff we needed so it was on to the grocery department. We bumped into those same sick, pushy rude people on the Kleenex isle, which was just about picked clean. I found a 3 pack of non lotion, non medicated Puffs and we were on our merry way.
   We bought cookies and bread because I sure don't feel like standing around making any, and the all important Hot Chocolate Mix and my Chocolate Nesquick. Nesquick will cure all that ails me and life will be good again.
   We paid for our few items that totaled $147 and were headed home when I remembered we didn't get the no cough pills, lemon drops or peppermint candy.
   We took the stuff we had home, because some of it needed to be refrigerated and then went to BiMart in Deer Park to spread our sick germs around and to collect someone else's sick germs at the same time. A quick stop at the fast foods drive up window for dinner, because I didn't feel like fixing dinner, and then we went home.
   I hate being sick. I know, no one likes being sick, so It's a good thing I only get sick once a year, but the cough seems to hang on forever. I hope this years latest virus passes you by, it's no fun.