Thursday, April 14, 2011


   Have you ever seen clouds that look like UFO's? Sometimes, there are groups of them. Is one the mother ship? What if they really were space ships? Can you imagine what would happen if aliens landed on earth. First, being the peace loving people that we are, we'd probably shoot them, and ask questions later.
   Then, we'd point fingers to see who didn't see them coming and who let them slip in.
   One of my favorite movies is War Of The Worlds. Oddly enough, I even like the remake with Tom Cruise in it. I wonder why aliens are always portraited as evil. Is it fear of the unknown? Maybe, aliens from outer space already walk among us.
   I also like horror movies from the '50's. The '50's had a terrible alien problem. I'm surprised the world still exists. You can always tell when the aliens were about to show up because it sounded like someone was playing a saw. I guess if we ever hear that kind of noise, we'd better expect alien trouble.
   If there is life on other planets, do they hold there breath every time a space shuttle was launched? Do they fear us like we fear them?

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