Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Back

   I'm back. I got back Sunday, Dec 19. Writing this reminds me of one of those "What I did over summer vacation" papers we had to write at the beginning of every school year.
   It was snowing when I left Spokane. I was disappointed I didn't set off the metal detectors at any of the airports. No pat downs or body scans, which was fine. I didn't get lost. I could have used the mobility assistance Amy said I needed, when I left Spokane, but I didn't. I did use it leaving CA. It's a good thing I did since the gate  I was suppose to leave at was changed 3 times in Seattle. I did feel kind of funny getting pushed around in a wheelchair and riding in their golf cart. I got a lot of stares.
   Danny took me to Kingman, AZ to see Alyssa, David and the 3 grandsons. I had a good, but short visit. Alix kept me awake all night long, talking. Too bad, I couldn't understand most of it. Every time Danny or I picked up a camera, he was saying "sheese". We made him say different types of cheese before we took his picture and then we had him say "eggnog". Eggnog got really big smiles.
   Micheal wanted me to help him put stickers on his calendar. I put them on the right holidays, but not the right direction. Micheal had to take them off and put them on the right way. Micheal was fun to watch when Danny, Alyssa and I tried to play Mario Brothers on the wii. He jumped and moved live you were suppose to move the game controller. There's nothing like being shown up by a 5 year old.  Danny gave me a wii so I can practice. When we left, Micheal told me "See you in a long time." Too bad we live so far away.
   Nathan decided I was OK. He didn't scream when he saw me. He is a very cute baby, even if he is my grandson. Some of his favorite things to do are bother his brothers and "help" with the puzzles and play in the new diapers. I bet Alyssa wishes he'd learn how to change his diapers. Nathan has to do things earlier than Micheal and Alix did just to keep up with them. Once all 3 boys are off and running, Alyssa is going to have fun. They are a cute bunch of boys. Also, I was able to see that Nathan really does have hair, it's just really light. Nathan has the prettiest blue eyes.
   Michaela was finally born on Dec 16, 4 days late. She weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. She has A LOT of black hair and pretty blue eyes. I hope her eyes stay blue.
   Of course, there were the trips to Walmart in both AZ and CA. What's a trip with out Walmart? I also went to Kmart and Michael's. Amy and Daniel gave me a Magic 8 Ball. I've wanted one of those since I was a kid. Now, I'll know all the answers to life's questions.
   Amy and Daniel took me to Mission Inn in Riverside CA to see all the Christmas decorations. I thought if we walked Amy a lot, she'd have the baby. Nope, but Daniel did get tired.

Santa's reindeer
The only kind of snowmen you see in Riverside CA, but they are a cute family.
Some of the numerous Christmas decorations.
More of the decorated Mission Inn.
More of the picture above.
Decorated palm trees. The red lights were really multicolored, but my camera thought they should be red.
A horse drawn Cinderella carriage.
   When I left Spokane, I saw white out the window. I couldn't believe the brown air in CA. I thought it was bad when Tim and I ran away.
   It rained most of the time I was in sunny So. CA because we all know it never rains in Southern CA, it just pours. I was drenched just walking from the parking lot into the airport. It was snowing when I landed at the Spokane airport, no big surprise there. I had a very good time, but am glad to be back home.

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  1. Well sounds like you had a very busy 9 days, I hope you are resting now. Those pictures are very nice.