Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wile E. Coyote Just Ran By

   I'm sitting in my chair, looking out of the window, trying to think of something to write about, when all of a sudden a very healthy looking coyote ran through the yard. It was 9:15 AM. It was in such a hurry that it was panicking when it couldn't get through the fence. Luckily, no one and no dogs were out. Once it saw the llamas behind us us, it quickly went a different direction. I guess llamas really do work as guard animals. I didn't see a road runner go by before the coyote.
   There are many baby goats behind us. One little black kid seems to be the leader of the other kids. It gets on top of the big wooden spool and jumps in the air and dances around on it's hind legs showing off, having a good old time. The goats do play king of the spool, but the little black kid always wins and seems to rub it in when all the other kids are knocked off. I miss having goats, but it's much cheaper and easier on my poor old body watching the neighbors goats.
   The pregnant doe hasn't been back lately, but others have. I noticed some deer ate the little wild plum tree that is in a flower pot right by the front door. I've been growing it since we cut it off of a wild plum tree we came across on one of our drives. It was about a foot high, and now it's looking like a tree and ready to plant somewhere.
   I bought an iPad Mini not too long ago and have been playing with it a lot trying to figure out the things I can do on it. I really wish you still got paper owner's manuals these days. Yesterday, I discovered I can check library books out on it, so this morning, I did. It would be nice if I could change the font on the library book, but you either can't or I just haven't figured out how. Either way, I can live with large letters.
   Rumor has it that next Wednesday, it's suppose to get to 69, WooHoo!! Spring might eventually get her after all. I don't think we are planting a garden this year until after we get home from Danny and Amy's wedding the end of June. I'll miss all the potatoes we plant.
   Well, I guess I'll go fold that basket of towels for fun. I'm still waiting for the clothes to come folded right out of the dryer.