Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Still Live In A Snow Globe

Doe eating apple peelings
    Winter is still here. Our high temperatures have been below freezing for a few weeks now. Luckily, we are suppose to warm up and have temperatures above freezing now, around 33 degrees. That is warm compared to what it has been.
   This doe stopped by to eat apple peelings we had just put out. She is looking pregnant. Se has been coming around here with her mother since she was a little spotted fawn.

Doe caught in mid-chew
   She really enjoyed the apple peelings, but she kept a watchful eye on her surroundings, even while eating.

Freezing fog on pine needles
   Along with our cold temperatures, we have been foggy. Freezing fog does interesting things. I like the way it looks on the pine trees.

Close up of the pine needles

   One thing nice about having to take care of the chickens is being able to go outside and take pictures.

   We did have a few bright, sunny days mixed on with all the fog. Even with the sun, the after effects of the freezing fog was still around. It was very pretty.

A bright sunny freezing day

   Snow is in the forecast with our warmer weather. It's really too bad that snow is so nice and pretty and then it gets so dirty and ugly.
   In another 2-3 months all this pretty white snow will be a melted, muddy mess. About this same time, the doe might have given birth and hopefully, she'll come around with her new fawn.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Year And Still Nothing Exciting Going On Here

   We are such boring people, there is really nothing to tell, which is why I haven't written anything lately. Our son, Daniel, and his girlfriend, Amy, got engaged Dec. 28. We welcome her to the family. Amy fits right in.  You saw pictures of them on one of the past blogs not too long ago. They plan on a wedding in Sept. Alyssa and David have also set a wedding date, sometime in the spring of 2014. Alyssa and David have been together for so long, he's already family.
   For some reason I'm having problems getting pictures on here, but you've all seen snow pictures before anyway.
   I bought another Native American style flute, this one is in the key of D and is made from birch. I was going to put a picture of it up, but no luck.
   I'm thinking about starting another quilt top, but I need to get those bear clothes done. I had patterns for a 15 and 19 inch bear. I chose to make the 15 inch bear. I should have chosen the 19 inch bear because they have better clothes. A long time ago, I could find free downloadable patterns for bear clothes on the internet, but can I find them when I want them? Maybe, I'll try to shrink the patterns to fit a smaller bear.
   See, I told you we were boring people. Hopefully nothing too exciting happens, because we like quiet, not necessarily boring.