Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have embarrassed my kids in public

It was unintentional, but I have embarrassed my kids in public. I used to carry my takli spindle and cotton balls with me for something to do while waiting in doctor's' offices and where ever else I ended up waiting.
After sitting for a bit, I'd pull out the spindle and cotton balls and start to spin. It was a great way to get people to ask about spinning, as well as passing the time. My kids didn't think so. Seems it was "embarrassing" having people stare and then come over to talk. As a formerly very shy person, it didn't bother me any. I liked showing people cotton ball spinning.
I am slowly teaching myself how to tat with shuttles and wonder what the kids would do when I pull out my shuttles?
The way I look at it is, turn about is fair play. My kids have embarrassed me in public too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I caught a bass!

Saturday, I caught a big mouth bass. It was a huge one. Only about 6 inches or so, but it was a big mouth bass. I also caught a perch. It was a pretty fish. Both were released after they had their photo op. One thing that was biting more than the fish was the mosquitoes. We wondered why people were bundled up in hoodie sweat shirts and wind breakers. They were zipped in with the hoods tied snugly. I was zipped up after I was bitten a few times. Next time, bug repellent is a must. It was really pretty at Chase Lake. So many places to see and so much to do up here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things you can see in one day up here

We like to go for drives on weekends. We see so much that we never expected to see and are amazed by. So many people up here seem to take it all for granted since they see it all the time. I hope we never do. A tank of gas is well worth it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring in my snow globe world

Spring is so pretty up here. The colors of the wildflowers and the 300 lakes around us plus all the rivers. Wildlife everywhere, except when your family visits and you've bragged about seeing them everywhere. It's a photographers paradise.

Spring time in a snow globe

At long last, it's spring. Almost summer. The wildflowers took their sweet time blooming this year, but are blooming and very pretty now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's the wildlife?

My parents and oldest daughter are up here visiting us. This is my parents' first visit to our new house. After telling them about all the wildlife that comes through our yard, they were/are looking forward to seeing some. Wouldn't you know it, nothing has come by for them to see. White tail deer have walked right up to the house on the lawn and through out poor garden, which is finally doing well. It's funny, Tim and I both said the first question they'd ask when they got here was how did we find this place, and it was. Even before they got out of their motorhome. We told them the truth. We found this place on the internet. Our daughter was using apricot mango soap only to find out bugs really like it. Wildlife or no wildlife,and being eaten by bugs, I hope everyone has a nice visit. I know I am.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What happens when you live in a snow globe

In the winter of 2008-2009 we had approxamtely 123 inches of snow at our house. After the first big snow that started Dec. 17, Tim finally got to try out his new snow blower. We didn't have one last year and had to pay to be plowed out. Anyway, Tim tromped up and down our 450-500 foot driveway several times clearing the snow. He did a good job of it. So good, I thought I'd go for a walk with him to take the trash out. The trash can was buried under snow, so I had the snow shovel and was using it for a walking stick. We hadn't walked very far, when I slipped on ice that Tim never, not once, slipped on. Leave it to me to do something like that. I felt my arm break when I landed with a thump. I didn't fall hard, just right. Once again, leave it to me to do something like that. I did a good job breaking it. (I believe in doing a job well done.) My left arm had to be surgically repaired and I ended up with 4 pins and 4 screws and external tension devices. At least I'm right handed. My arm is as good as it's going to get now. It looks like my hand is off to the side, but it works. Now I am not allowed out of the house when there is snow and ice in our snow globe world. I can only look out the windows and I know what it feels like to be in a snow globe looking out. It gets old really quick. In the winter of 2006, I stepped off of a 2 inch step and broke my left ankle. It took a steel plate and 10 screws to but it back together. I'm working towards becoming bionic. I'm really tired of braking bones since I've broken others besides these. Maybe this winter, I can work on my crafts to keep me out of trouble. Knowing my luck, I'll probably get tangled in my yarn and trip. Yup. I'm a klutz.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tundra swans

Not too long ago we went to Usk, WA to see the Tundra swans stopping over on their migration to Alaska. We didn't see many that day, but I was able to get some photos of them. Watching ducks and geese fly is a sight to see, but it's nothing compared to seeing a swan fly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a sad, sad day

My KitchenAid mixer died this afternoon in the middle of mixing a double batch of cinnamon sugar cookies. It's made double and triple batches of cookies before, so I know I didn't overload it. Now I can't use the grater, slicer, meat grinder and other attachments that I have to go with it. I know, I can do things other ways, but the last time I grated cheese by hand, I grated my knuckles. I'm not allowed to play with sharp instruments because I cut myself. I've had my mixer since 1991. I will go through mixer withdrawals. I'm pretty sure the gears are stripped. I will get it fixed since it will be cheaper than buying a new mixer. Maybe it's my mixers way of telling me I eat too many cookies, which I do. I have to eat the cookies since the robins won't. Anyway, until I can get it fixed, it will be missed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Robin red breasts?

Have you ever wondered why robins are sometimes called robin red breast when their breasts are orange? I don't seem to remember seeing many robins before we moved up here, (but my memory isn't what it used to be) so I never really noticed the color of their breasts. I had to look them up in my trusty Audubon bird book to verify they are robins. Also, I thought they were suppose to be the first birds of spring. The robins up here have been around all year, even in the dead of winter with the snow. They are entertaining to watch doing their commando search for the perfect bugs and then trying to keep them from other birds. They don't like chocolate chip cookies, though. It's OK. I don't like bugs.