Monday, April 25, 2011

No More Ram

   Well, we don't have a visiting ram anymore, and no, we didn't eat him. We wouldn't do that to someone else's animal anyway.
   The ram, I found out his name is RB and he is a Shetland sheep, came too close to our berry plants, so Tim called his people to let them know about the escaping ram.
   They felt really bad and had no idea he was getting out. She thought it was funny when I told her how RB was over here more than over there, and how he'd run home at a certain time of day and then come back over here.
   I also found out she sells the fleece for $35.00. I think I'll ask her for the lambs nice fleece. The lambs name is Anna. The woman is interested in learning how to spin and also in my sheep shears and other supplies I no longer have a use for. Maybe we can work out an I'll teach you how to spin for the lambs fleece.
   I also found out the guard llama's name is Chris. He used to be much nicer, but he has an attitude problem this year. Windy (the animals owner) still has the llamas fleece, but, since I'm sort of allergic to llama fleece, that's out.
   As predicted, our nice weather is a thing of the past. A tine teaser of weather we might actually have more of one day. No one is holding their breath anymore for nicer weather, just complaining this weather is never going to end. Soggy weather does make for nice colors.

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