Sunday, April 3, 2011

We're Ready For The Garden, But The Weather Isn't

   Friday, Tim and I bought a peach tree and 3 cherry trees and great gobs of seeds. We probably have way too many pea and green bean seeds, but since the deer really liked peas and green beans last year, we figured we should buy more than we need. Besides, I can always can and freeze them, if we get any to harvest.
   Yesterday, Mother Nature let us know that it wasn't time to plant yet. We knew this already, since Mother's Day or after is when we usually have the last frost. Yesterday, we had rain, snow and pea size gropel. I'm sure I've probably spelled gropel wrong, but I couldn't find any place that listed it as a word, but I also must admit, I didn't look too hard. Gropel is soft hail. We learned this from the weather forecaster on the local news.
   Tim was out working in the yard when this storm rolled in. It may have been soft hail, but he said it still hurt as it pelted down on his head.
   Now of yesterday's several storms lasted long and it cleared up briefly before the next phase rolled in.
   I like watching the storms come rolling in over the hill we can see out the back/side windows, and I'm getting to be a pretty good judge as to when they will hit us.
   Behind us, the sheep are lambing. There is a really cute black sheep that could come and live over here. The guard llamas are trying to convince the horses next door to come to the fence and be friends.
   I have finally been able to go outside again, and because I can go outside again, Chip can go for walks again. He gets so excited about seeing me gather up the trash to take out because he knows he gets to go to. Unfortunately, the 2 dogs across the street still look like they'll come flying over the fence to attack us as we get closer to the street. They do have electric horse ribbon across the top of the fence, so maybe they are smart enough to not try.
   I have finished the booties for the christening set, but I still can't find a bonnet pattern I like. Crocheting isn't as much fun if I'm getting paid to do it, but it's extra money.


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  2. We decided not to do a garden this year after our disaster last year. David did plant some tomato plants in pea pots though, which will go in his topsy turvy. We will see how that works out.

  3. This year, we are planting the tomatoes in pots close to the house. Hopefully, the deer won't get them there. I bought some herb seeds I would like to plant close to the house with a screened cover over them to hopefully stop deer. We don't have any topsy turvys. I've seen many people have 5 gallon buckets up and use the like the topsy turvys.

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