Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

   Here it is April Fools Day. As kids, we thought it was really funny to switch the lids on the salt and pepper shakers. It would have been good if the bottoms of the shakers weren't clear. I don't remember doing too much else. We were an unimaginative bunch, but we also knew the pranks wouldn't really go over well.
   Our kids tried the switching of the salt and pepper shaker lids, but we always had clear shakers. I don't remember them doing much, either.
   Mother Nature is still fooling us with the promise of warmer, dryer weather, but soon changes her mind. It's been so long since I've seen any real sunshine, I'm not sure what it looks like any more. March was the 3rd rainiest March since the early 1900's. I like rain, but it's getting old. I'd like to go outside and not slip, slide and sink in mud. Green is finally popping through the ground. Yesterday, I saw a few buttercups popping up. There is hope.
   I think for fun and excitement this weekend, we will go and buy seeds for this years vegetable garden. The seeds are 50% off at one store and the seeds we got there last year grew well.
   I am finally finished with the new Christening afghan and 1 bootie. The other bootie will go quick. Now, if I could only find a bonnet pattern I like.
   I talked myself out of buying summer clothes. I have material and patterns already, I should just make them. What's a few more projects?
   I haven't but any recipes up here for a while, so I guess I'll do that, too. I think I will put a recipe for Carrot bread up. That's a project for tomorrow.
   I have been reading  a lot lately. I really like my Nook Color, but it would be nice if it wasn't quite as heavy as it is. Sometime this month, an app will be out to turn it into a tablet type thing like the iPad, only much cheaper. I'm assuming the app is free, but if it isn't, I'll get it anyway. Just what I need, more ways to waste time.

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