Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hmm, What To Do Today?

   After yesterdays nice day, I'm ready to do something today, too, but what to do is the question. It's cool and breezy and not nearly as nice as yesterday. We could go shopping and not get anything because we are broke and use up $4.40 a gallon diesel in the process. We could just go for a drive, but there is that expensive diesel thing again.
   There is always stay home and do exciting things like wash clothes, clean and cook, but who wants to do that?
   There is so much to do and see up here and we can't even make up our minds what to do. By the time we do decide, it will be too late because they roll up the sidewalks early up here. We really aren't the stay out late type of people in our old age anyway. We used to be, but now, we are old boring people.
   What's a body to do when they only get out on the weekends but can't think of anything to do?

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