Monday, July 30, 2012

I Had A Very Nice Time

   I visited my parents in Pahrump, NV a couple of weeks ago, and I had a really nice time. Nice and relaxing. I was able to read and play my flute so much I probably drove them crazy, but I made a lot of progress. Boy was it hot and humid. In Las Vegas, the closest air port, it was 116. Waaaay to hot.
   At the Spokane airport, I was told to leave my leg brace on, so I was sent through the metal detector and since I didn't beep, I just had my leg, shoes and hands swabbed for gun powder. If I had beeped or security felt like it, I could have been patted down. One of the men telling everyone what to do in line wanted to know how I managed to get such a colorful AFO (ankle, foot orthotic) and I told him was was getting old and didn't want boring white.
   I had wheel chair assistance taking me to my gate and through the airport because it was a long way to walk. When I arrived I was dumped outside in the underground parking in the passenger loading area. I had to call my folks to see where they were at. In side at the info booth. We found each other.
   At the Las Vegas airport, no one could come in and see me off. It was just throw the people leaving out at the curb and go up to the airline booth out front. There, I was stared at suspiciously and my drivers license really scrutinized for a long time. I guess it probably didn't help that I told the guy that someday I wanted to be somebody else only richer. Everyone within ear shot chuckled and the security guy just glared. I finally made it through that part and had to go through the x-ray thing. I hope they enjoyed the sight. Once again, my brace was swabbed and I told the woman she'd just find dog hair on it. She said I was so funny, but I think I got through that part faster, because she said she was going to do more than she did. No one would tell me if they could see all the metal in my leg.
   As I was up in the air coming and going, I just wondered how airplanes manage to stay in the sky with so much weight. Once again, I decided I really don't like flying.
   I finally met met my sister-in-law, Myrna. I like her. I saw my brother, Gary. It had been about 6 1/2 -7 years since I last saw him. It was nice seeing the two of them, also.
   I heard  Michaela and Chip missed me. Chip just camped out on my pillow and wouldn't let anyone near the room. He was happy to see me, but Michaela gave me the cold shoulder for a few days.
   I started harvesting peas. Just like last year, I complain that it's really hard on the back, but fresh peas are good. We are starting to get zucchini.
   I bought 5 pounds of Rainier cherries yesterday. I'm going to try freezer jam this year. I'm going to buy a few apricots so Tim can have apricot jam. We do have cherry and apricot trees, but no cherries and the apricots are not ready yet.
   Albert has turned into a nasty rooster. He was nice when I left, but he sure is mean now. Yesterday, I noticed he can fluff up his neck feathers to look bigger. Besides pecking hands, he jumps in the air with all those nice claws ready to do great bodily harm. If he's going to be that way, he just might have to go, since we really don't need a rooster. Maybe once he's in the coop, he'll be better. I know roosters tend to be nasty.
   Phylis is the last hold out on the egg laying, but I knew she wasn't a plentiful egg layer. I told Tim we needed a sign over the coop door that says "Those Damn Chickens" since 3 out of 5 people here call them that. Can you guess who?
   Oh well, lots to do, so I guess I'd better get to it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OK, It's Hot

   OK, it's hot now, can we go back to the way it was minus the endless rain? Yes, I know, there is just no pleasing some people. The garden now needs watered. It gets so dry so fast up here.
   I've been busy sewing lately, making those summer clothes I should have made before I actually needed them. The cargo shorts I've made look as good as any you can buy in a store. I have made 4 quilt tops, 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of carpi's and 1 shirt. I need to make at least one more quilt top and more shirts. I have decided that the clothes I am sewing are much cheaper than if I were to buy already made clothes.
   Albert is crowing more like a rooster should, and Michaela has to stop everything and throw her head back and crow when Albert crows. One of the chickens has started to lay eggs and the 3rd egg she laid was a double yolked egg. They are gradually getting bigger, too.
   On Wed., I am leaving on a jet plane and going to visit my parents in Pahrump, NV. The closet airport is in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to going. It would be nice if Tim was able to go too, but it's not possible. I'll be gone a week. It's suppose to be 110 in Pahrump this Wed.
   I got on the computer this morning to get the recipe for radish pickles, but I haven't managed to get that far yet. Tim's radishes need something done with them, so I thought quick refrigerator pickles sounded interesting, and I won't have to heat up the house canning them. Too bad I don't like radishes or pickles.
   Our sparkly new riding lawn mower has a flat. There is a piece of wire in the sidewall. Of course, the tire probably can't be repaired and will need to be replaced. There is so much buried barbed wire here. You think you have it all, and find you don't. The wire could have come from the fence behind us or beside us, since barbed wire fences are the norm up here.
   I guess I'll go find that recipe before I get sidetracked some more. I'll let you know how the pickled radishes turn out.