Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peeping Llama

   Behind us, with all the sheep, are 3 llamas. One is out to drive Chip crazy. He stands at the fence and stares in the house. He's a peeping llama. If starring weren't bad enough, he paces back and forth along the fence where Chip can see him. I do tell Chip that it would eat him if Chip were to see him up close instead of through a window. I do know llamas don't really eat pesty poodles, but Chip doesn't.
   It's getting so green and pretty outside. More buttercups are popping up. No blossoms yet. I need to get out and do something with are 10 tiny trees from the Arbor Day Society, but it's a miserable day outside. Maybe tomorrow. I also need to start some of our veggie seeds.
   I am making progress with my weight loss. I don't have a scale, so I don't know how much I've lost, but my pants are getting looser. Once I can get outside and do more, it will help. It's really hard loosing weight when someone keeps making cookies. I am getting much better at not eating so many. Speaking of cookies, I have no idea what kind to make this week.
   Friday, we bought a #10 can of butter powder and a #10 can of honey powder. The honey says you can use it the same as sugar, using equal amounts, besides reconstitute it into honey. It sounded interesting. The butter powder sounds good for baking besides using it for butter, either as sprinkles or reconstituted. I'm trying to have things on hand that I run out of during the winter. My #10 can of powdered eggs is back ordered, so who knows when they will come. I've used powdered eggs before.
   Soon, I will be done with my crocheting I'm being paid to do. Hopefully, I will get some sewing done, as well as spinning and weaving. I'm falling down on my ceramics painting, too. So much to do, and so lazy. I still think some more sun would help in the lazy department. All this gray weather is great for sleeping.
   Oddly enough, I have been folding towels when they are done in the dryer.


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