Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Bright Sunny Day. Not!

   Well, here it is, another bright sunny day, with a breeze. Note the sarcasm. It's been so long since it's been a bright sunny day. Even when we've had sun, it hasn't been without clouds and for a whole day. We even have snow in the forecast. Some spring, so far.
   I have notices wildflowers starting to pop out of the ground and then trees are starting to bud out. It figures, because we are suppose to be below freezing for a couple of nights this week.
   I do like watching the sheep behind us. Two brown sheep are pretty entertaining. For some reason, they jump straight into the air, like they have been goosed, and then they continue as if nothing happened. So far, there is still only one little lamb, and they have all stayed out of our yard. Chip isn't used to them so close, so it's his duty to bark at them all day when he sees movement.
   I used to raise angora goats, and I miss having goats around. I do admit, my poor old body isn't in any shape to care for them anymore, so I'll just enjoy the sheep behind us.
   The kids behind us have lost their play area since it's been taken over by farm animals. They are really interested in the stick house the kids made. I hope no animals fall in, since the kids dug a really deep hole under the stick house.
   I think after this last freeze, it will be time to put out the hummingbird feeders. We found a good spot for the bluebird house and Tim says he'll build me more. We've scoped out where we are going to enlarge the garden to.
   The pear and apple tree aren't doing very well. We are thinking the guy at the nursery told us wrong when he said they were the variety that didn't need other trees to cross pollinate with. We'll be getting more apple and pear trees. Tim also wants a couple apricots and plum trees. I think part of our tree's problem is the moles. Maybe, since the trees haven't done much, we will have to move our orchard. That is the royal "we". Someone needs to supervise, so it might as well be me.

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