Monday, November 10, 2014

Revamping My Blog

   I know I haven't written anything for a while, because I thought no one read my blog anymore. I was wrong, people do still read it, so I decided it was time for a revamping. New colors, new layout same thrilling content,(note the sarcasm),  now with ads to try to earn a little extra cash. I am also going to try to sell my bears on here in the bear section. So in the meantime, this is a work in progress. Maybe it needs an under construction sign. I had to ask my tech savvy kid for help, because I sure am not tech savvy.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Know It's Been A Long Time, But...

   I know, it has been a couple of months since I have written anything, but there is a really good reason for that. Nothing ever happens here. I have thought about writing something new quite a few times, but what can I say? So, here goes, I will write about what is happening around here.
   We bought some new chicks and a couple of white broad breasted turkeys in March. We now have two coops, the breakfast and the dinner coop. One of the turkeys is a definite tom. I was calling him Thanksgiving, but yesterday I changed his name to Godzilla. He walks on everyone else and he reminds me of how Godzilla stomps on cars and buildings. The turkeys are also getting pretty ugly.
   We have two Buff Orpingtons that are going to go into the breakfast coop, even thought one of them is a rooster, and we have 10 New Hampshire Reds. One of those is going into the breakfast coop. One is so gentle, I pick her up and she just relaxes and doesn't struggle at all.
   Too bad my parakeet, Frosty, isn't like her. I have had Frosty for almost a year, and I still can't get her finger trained. I have tried all the ways you hear, but no luck. I can pet her, but that's it. I have had birds before and they got finger trained, but not Frosty. Maybe it's her name that did it. Since I named her Frosty, maybe she is just giving me the cold shoulder.
   We planted a small garden this year, because we really need to build up our soil, but we also needed the garden. I was beginning to think I had a bad packet of bean seeds, but after tow weeks, they have finally started coming up. I know I didn't plant them too deep and I have planted this kind before. I was getting ready to go replant them.
   I have been busy making and selling teddy bears in flannel pajamas. I have three left to sell and am making eight more.

Pale blue bear wearing polka dotted jammies

Striped bear wearing train jammies. He looks swirled in the picture, but he is just striped.

 Tan bear wearing sheep jammies. It isn't swirled either. All bears and clothes are machine washable and dryable. I am selling them for $40.00 each which includes US shipping. I even started a Face Book page for them.
   So, now you know what I have been up to. I have a black Shetland fleece in the living room that I need to
wash and spin. The neighbors behind us gave it to me. The sheared
the sheep before they butchered him. I also have shirts and
shorts to make. So much to do and so little ambition.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Saw A Robin, Does That Mean Spring?

   I saw a bobbin this afternoon, and I really hope that means spring is on the way. We are in mud season right now, and I can tell you, it gets old really fast. We are suppose to have more rain tomorrow.
   The ground, for the most part, is firming up, so at least we don't sink up to our ankles. The only green I have seen popping up was a Russian Thistle. I'm really looking forward to spring. We did get to 61 today, with sun and it was really nice.
   I've been mailing off teddy bears that I have sold and last Saturday, when I mailed a couple more boxes the local Post Mistress ask me if I brought in any to show. Of course, I thought about it, but didn't, so when I mail another box tomorrow, I will bring in a couple for her to see.
   Not much is happening around here an I am thinking about spring cleaning, but we all know how much fun that is. I must admit though, that I don't have any clothes waiting to be folded, not even those towels.
   We are trying to decide if we are going to have a garden this year and if we are, what to plant. I suppose the usual. Some of our fruit trees might need replaced, because some buck decided to mangle them with his antlers. The joys of wildlife.
   Now for fun, I need to figure out what's for dinner tonight. Any ideas?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sometimes, I'm Sure I Must Have A Screw Loose

   Being the bored, unemployed person that I am, I had a brilliant idea. Actually, I had the idea a couple of years ago, but just started doing it. Besides the loose screw, I'm slow too.
   People seemed to like the bears wearing flannel pajamas I have been making, so I decided to make them and try to sell them. Their faces are cuter than Smirky bear who's pictures is in a previous post. I haven't invested much into them so far because I have a lot of fabric in my craft stash, and I have even sold a few. It's a little extra money and something to do. I don't work on them everyday, but days I do work on them I spend a lot of time making them.
   I was going to make them and donate them to the children's hospital, but from everything I have read, hospitals only want new, in the original packaging. I'm still going to check into it some more. Also, there are always craft fairs around, so I figure if I work on them all year, I should have a half way decent amount made to sell at the end of the year for the holidays. There is always Craiglist, too. I have been told I need my own website, but I haven't decided on that yet. I don't want to be committed to making tons of them and get bear burn out. See, I must have a screw loose.
   Luckily, we haven't had all the snow like the East has had. We have had snow, then rain and now mud season has come really early. We are do for more snow and rain tonight and tomorrow. Perfect weather for staying in and working on bears.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Really Want To Play A Musical Instrument

   I really want to play a musical instrument. When I was in elementary and middle school. I took violin lessons. All we ever played was a song called Concerto Grosso. Four years of the same song was really no fun, and I do admit, I didn't practiced all I should have because I really hated that song. I have no idea who the composer was. I did learn in those years of school orchestra lessons that the teacher was an identical twin and he and his brother married identical twin sisters and the each had 4 kids who oddly enough looked really related. I also learned how to read music and play the violin. I didn't play well, but I could play it.
   I also have a really pretty autoharp I would like to know how to play, but then again, there is that finger and string problem. Plus, no one seems to think you need lessons, "you just pick it up and play". I know there is more to it than that. One day, I might find someone who gives lessons.
   When I was a freshman in high school, I took one year of guitar lessons. I learned more about reading music that I already knew and learned that I can't play the guitar because my fingertips split and bleed and really hurt when fingering the guitar.
   A really, really long time ago, when I was 17, I got my first recorder. I really wanted to play it, but hated the sound, and it wasn't all my playing, which admittedly wasn't good. Way back then, I couldn't find many books to teach yourself the recorder. Now, with the wonders of the internet, I can find many books and videos on youtube. I still don't like the sound, so now, I have a collection of instruments I cant really play.

An A and a D Native American Flute. I really like the sounds of these,
but I think I want to play them without written music.

A G and a C Seed Pod Ocarina. These are interesting. I also like playing
these. The fingering is fairly easy if I could get my brain
and my fingers to work together. When I bought these, I also bought little song books
that you play by tabs. If I drop them, they break.


D tin whistles or penny whistles. These are also high pitched, but I actually
like these. I hope to learn to play them. There are several places
on youtube to learn to play these.

My recorder collection. From right to left are 2 Soprano recorders, and Alto recorder
and a tenor recorder. The white recorder is my first one. I was really trying to
learn you to play it, but with a toddler in the house, I didn't want it broken, so I bought the clear
orange one. Soprano recorders are in the key of C.
I decided to get the Alto recorder because it is an F and has a deeper tone. It still wasn't right, but I
am pretty sure I will learn to play it eventually. I hope. The fingering is the same, just the notes are different.
The last recorder, I just got and it is a Tenor, in the key of C. Everything I learned on the
Soprano recorders I can do on the tenor. It has such a nice, low mellow sound. I really like
playing it. I got the tenor recorder right before the new year started. I am practicing everyday and am now working
on my 8th note. It has been so long since I was able to read music, I had to start over with that. I can play a very mournful Red River Valley.
My brain and fingers are getting better at working together, so that's a good thing, and the dogs don't howl either.
With a C recorder, I should be able to play a wide range of songs when I learn more notes. I really want to learn how to
play The Tennessee Waltz and Moon River. I am making progress, but I really wish I was younger, so I would learn things easier and have a longer time to enjoy playing the instruments, not that I plan on kicking the bucket soon.
Maybe I have just hit the right time in my life to learn because I also actually like practicing now versus when I was younger.