Friday, April 8, 2011

We Had A Sunny Day Today

   Finally, at long last, we had a sunny day. It was so nice, Tim and I went target shooting. I am so out of practice, I couldn't hit the side of a barn, not that I was aiming for a barn. I did manage to hit the target a few times. Towards the end, the shell casings from my little Beretta .22 were flying back and hitting me. A couple of them even went down the neck of my hooded sweatshirt. We'll just have to go practice more.
   After that, we took my mother-in-law and niece, Vicky for a short hike to the Bowl and Pitcher. The Spokane river is really full this year. They were impressed. We thought they would be, since we were when we went.
   Next, it was out to dinner, which was also nice.
   Last weekend, I ordered 41 years of Mother Earth on DVD along with 5 or 6 books and they came today. UPS even made it up our driveway.
   It was a good thing we had an enjoyable day today, because we aren't done with snow and rain yet.

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