Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Grass Is Greener Than Your Grass

   The ram that lives behind us has decided our grass is greener than his grass, and, it really is, too. We'll let him visit and eat our weeds since we haven't planted the garden yet, but once we do plant, he's out of here.
   This year, it looks like the sheep population is way down from the last couple of years. Then again, it could be that the other sheep haven't lambed yet and are still closer to the barn. I only see 4 ewes, 1 lamb and 1 ram.
   The ram jumps over the fence, and the ewes and lamb stare after him. So far, he's stayed away from the garden area.
   Tim went and put fencing around the berries to keep deer out. I hope it works with sheep. The ram doesn't seem really interested in them at the moment.
   It's snowing today, but not really sticking, which is fine with me. Some spring, so far. Soon, I will be taking pictures of our wildflowers again. They are growing so fast, you can almost see them grow.
   The veggie seeds I started in yogurt cups last week have sprouted. I thought it was pretty quick. I still need to plant more.
   Today, as I putter around, I'll be watching the old Charlie Chan movies that are on the TV. Perry Mason will be so jealous since I won't be watching him at noon. I'm pretty sure I've seen them all anyway, but that doesn't usually stop me unless something better comes along. Talk about fickle.

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