Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's With The Weird Real Feel Weather?

   I have noticed on the Accuweather thing I put on my blog, that sometimes it has the real feel as being warmer than the actual temperature. I can honestly tell you, I don't agree with it. If it's 29 outside and it says the real feel is 34, to me, it really feels like 29 and sometimes colder. I live here, I should know how the temperature really feels.
   Right now, as I write this, it says the temperature is 20 with a real feel of -3. Yes, the wind makes it feel at least -3, if not colder. I'm sure the blowing snow in the wind as it hits your face is much colder. That's why my face isn't out in it. Now, if I could only convince the dogs to go out quicker, it would be really nice, since we don't have a fenced in section for them and we hang out the door waiting for them. We don't want Jake and Chip to be predator food.
   Hanging out the open door lets in some real feel cold air, too. What? The thermometer says it's 68 in here? I don't think so. It really feels like 63. We never have the door open long enough for the inside temperature to drop that much. It just really feels like it.
   In the summer, should we feel cooler if the real feel is 89 when it's really 92? To me, 89 or 92, is still hot.Or if the temperature and real feel are the same, are we supposed to feel hotter or colder?
   I'll tell you how the weather really works. If my mother is cold you have to put on a sweater or coat. That's just how it is and always has been. Luckily, if she's hot, we don't have to take any clothes off. That would be a truly scary sight. I guess some mothers have real feel settings built in. As a kid, we'd leave the house with our coats on and take them off as soon as we were far enough away from the house so she wouldn't see us, and if we froze, we sure weren't going to admit it.
   So, what does all this prove? If you really want to know what the real feel temperature is, go outside. If you're hit with a blast of cold, icy wind, it's cold, and if you're hit with a blast of hot air, it's hot.
   In case no one guessed, this is not to be taken seriously. I do know about why real feel temps feel different than actual temps.


  1. I knew you did that. Mothers have far-seeing eyes.

  2. I know mothers have eyes in the back of their heads, too. Todays real feel temperature is really, really cold.