Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Bright Sunny Spring In Elk, Washington, With Pictures To Prove It

Snow yesterday
    Here it is, spring time in Elk, WA. We had snow all day yesterday, but little stuck. he most on the ground yesterday was an inch.
   Last night it was snowing,again, still and we had about 2 -3  inches fall at that time.
   This morning, on our nice, bright spring morning, we had fog and just a tad bit of snow left.
   Everywhere you go, people are talking about how they would love to see some sun and see the end of the rain and snow.
   We have had about 8 inches of precipitation so far this year. Last year, about this time, we had almost 6 inches.
   All this moisture does make nice green fields and tons of wildflowers. Just a little sun would be nice to go out and enjoy them. Once again, rumor has it, that this weekend is suppose to be nice. Almost up to 60. Woo hoo!!

Snow last night
Fog and a little snow this morning

Fog and what's left of the snow

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