Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Been Falling Down On The Job

   Yup, I've been falling down on the job of posting things on here. The only excuse I have is I've been sick. I'm really tired of it, too. It's been 2 weeks now. I went to the Dr. last Friday and she said it was just a virus and if it continued into this week, go back and get some antibiotics. Well, I'm still sick, but I'm not going back to get antibiotics. I'm one of those weird people who are allergic to many, many antibiotics, so me on them is a last resort. Besides that, who wants to go to the Dr. when they don't feel good? I am feeling better anyway. Unfortunately, I shared with Tim and he isn't feeling better. Ah, the joys of married life.
   So, since I've been lazier than usual, I've had plenty of time for the endless crocheting and staring out the window. The other day, Rufus, a dog who lives behind us, came through the yard carrying a back deer leg. I hope it wasn't from one of our 3 usual visiting deer. Rufus was so happy with his leg.
   The robins are out and about finding worms. Our metal pecker is back and pecking at the vents on the roof. Today, I've noticed the bluebirds are coming back. Tim made me a bluebird house, but it's not outside yet.
   Today, I have to start playing catch up and do what I haven't done because I was sick. Just what I wanted to do. I'm sure this weekend, I'll be back to baking and life will be pretty much back to normal. Normal is so boring here, but I suppose boring is good.

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