Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fog Season

   I see by not seeing far, that it's fog season up here. I've never really paid much attention to fog until we moved up here, not even when we lived close to the ocean in CA. I don't like the fog down by the ocean, because I wear glasses. What, you may ask, does wearing glasses have to do with fog? As a fog non expert, I've found fog by the ocean messes up your glasses with salt or something. You go to wipe the fog off of your glasses, and it smears and makes a bigger mess than the fog was. I also don't like the smell of ocean fog.
   Up here in the sticks, I like watching the fog roll in. I can see the fog quite a way in the distance, and it creeps in, covering the world in a swirling, white mist. Have you ever seen the movie "The Fog"? That's what it reminds me of, the way it rolls in, surrounding the house so I can see nothing and then rolling out again. Yeah, I know, I have waaay too much time on my hands and I watch weird movies.
   I open the door to let the dogs out and I can actually see the fog swirling around as tiny drops of water. I've decided I like to watch the fog from the comfort of the house. I decided years ago, that I don't like driving in it. There is always some idiot going way too fast for the conditions, and some other idiot in on coming traffic with their high beams on making a really nice glare. I also just know there is going to be some animal standing in the road that I can't see through the fog.
   We have freezing fog up here. I like the look of the world covered in the aftermath of the freezing fog. Everything has a nice frosted look. Great for taking pictures. Freezing fog changes the way the snow looks on the ground. It makes the snow look like different shaped crystals. Some of the crystals remind me of the stuff you used to be able to get, (still might be able to get, for all I know) to paint on the back of aquariums and it gets that crystal fan look.
   The fog is rolling away right now. I guess I'm safe from what ever hides in it for now. At our place, what hides in it are wild turkeys and deer.


  1. I so loved the movie The Fog, but the original not the remake so much. I always think there will be pirates or something in it lol.

  2. Freezing fog is beautiful. It's not humid enough up here in Colorado to get that effect, but I remember it from when I grew up in Pennsylvania.