Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Mom's Cookie Recipes

Christening Afghan
    I know, I said in the last post I'd put my mom's cookie recipe on here, but I've been busy. I thought I'd put a picture of what I've been busy with.
   Here it is. The Christening afghan for my sister-in-law's brother. It's crocheted with thread, and I have 5 whole inches done. Now, I have 31 more inches to do, and then the border.
   Now for the information on the cookies. My mom got this recipe in 1955 from a Wesson Oil cookbook, that she sent for and paid a quarter for. It has a lot of good recipes in it.
   I don't remember having cookies often as a child, and that could be because it was a loooong time ago, but I remember watching my mom dipping the bottom of a glass in oil, then sugar and stamping the cookies.
   I've made these a lot lately for Tim's lunch. I don't know if the Canola oil I use is healthier for you than the butter or margarine in other cookies, but, that's my reasoning, and I'm sticking to it.
   I never did dip the glass in oil and then sugar, since I have an official Ryecraft cookie stamp. I think they are sweet enough with out the extra sugar on top, also, so I've been leaving it off, as well. I figure it saves us a few calories.
   For some reason, one of the recipes comes out with too much oil, even though you use the same amount for all three recipes. The only thing different is, one has all brown sugar in it, and the other one has all white sugar in it. The one with all the white sugar is the one that comes out too oily, so I use less. I couldn't tell you how much less. Also, I always double the recipes, since the recipe doesn't make many.
   I hope you like the recipe and give the cookies a try. You'll find the recipe in the recipe section. Just scroll down to the end of the recipes. Once again, I really wish I could put the newer recipes on top instead of at the end. Oh, well.

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