Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Look! It's Snowing Again

    Yup. It's snowing again. After I took these pictures, I thought I really should find something else to take pictures of. The problem is, is, it's kind of hard to take other pictures if you're not allowed out of the house and this is what I see from the front and back doors.
   The snow was the really fine powdery stuff at first, but it is changing to the bigger, wetter flakes. In my snow viewing from the safety of being in the house, I have decided a lot of the snow coming down looks like feathers. Sometimes it looks like a huge pillow fight is going on and all the feather pillows have torn apart.
   Chip likes to sit on the ottoman or a chair arm and look out the window at the snow. I think he is
getting cabin fever. He freezes if he's out for any length of time.
   Yesterday, the turkeys came around for more bread. They stayed for 6 hours. They drove the dogs crazy. They were huddled up under the eves by the back windows. They've never been that comfortable here before. It must be the homemade bread. I do know that you're not suppose to feed the wildlife, but I'm not the only one, which is no excuse. I doubt they'll be around today.
   I have a nice sky light in the middle of the kitchen and all this snow makes it pretty dark in there. Sunday, I noticed the kitchen was really bright for a change since all the snow had melted off of it. It was
   After today's snow, we are suppose to have many days of rain and even a heat wave in the low 40's. Hopefully, the sheet of ice that's under the snow will have a chance to melt before this all starts again.
   Who knows? Maybe mud season will come early this year. I really don't like mud season.


  1. We got 4 1/2" of snow on Sunday night/Monday morning and it hasn't melted yet! Supposed to melt by Friday. Usually our snow never lasts more than a day or two, but the snow changed into sleet/freezing rain,and a layer of ice covered everything. The roads/schools/businesses have been closed since Sunday night!

  2. I heard about the snow storms in you neck of the woods. It's a bad snowy winter for just about every where. Be careful outside.