Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Here For The Bread

Yesterday, the turkeys came around again. They haven't been around for a week or so. I think they were finally able to get through the snow, since it's only about 5" deep.
   I thought I'd see if this batch of turkeys liked bread. I just happened to have some stale homemade bread that I needed to do something with.
   I quietly opened the door and threw a piece of bread out. A turkey saw it and ran up to the door to get more. Just as the rest of the turkeys saw the bread, Chip ran out the door and scared them off. It's a really good thing the turkeys didn't decide to turn on Chip. With their long sours and their sharp beaks, they could have done some damage to the goofy dog.
   We weren't really happy about him spoiling our fun and figured next time the turkeys came by, we'd have to put him in his room.
   The turkeys came by again today. Jake and Chip let me know by barking at them through the front window. I put both dogs up, and got the bread and opened the door a crack.
   The turkeys weren't really close to the house, but I threw bread anyway. One turkey saw it, so he and 2 others came and gobbled (sorry) up bread. When it was about gone, about 7 others came running.
   Now, I need to get them to come when I gobble at them. They might get the hang of it. Some years, the turkeys seem stupider than other years.
   It was funny watching them slipping and sliding on the sheet of ice to get some of the bread. Maybe, they'll come back tomorrow. I still have more bread. If we hear this tapping on the front door, we'll know it's turkeys looking for bread. It would be funny if they came tapping to let us know it was feeding time.

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