Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Crocheting Lately

   I've been busy crocheting lately. I just finished these pig slippers for a friend of a friend. Maybe, one day, I will manage to get eyes the same size and evenly spaced.
   I was once a docent at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum in Lancaster, Ca, and was told that Native Americans left a small flaw in all their work so the evil spirits don't get trapped in their work. I have no evil spirits in any of my work. I know where all the imperfections are, but I don't make any that detract from the finished product.
   Now, I am ready to start a Christening afghan, bonnet and booties out of no. 10 crochet thread. They will take me quite a while to make and will not have any noticeable flaws in them.
   Our snow has pretty much melted due to lots of rain and a heat wave in the 40's. I'm sure more snow is to be expected. The ground is so soft and squishy, the trailer hitch on our travel trailer has sunk just about as far as it can go and Tim has to wait for the ground to get hard again to get it out, which will, I'm told, take some doing.
   We had about 40 turkeys in our yard Saturday. They come to "here turkey, turkey" which, I think, is funny. I guess I have to get my laughs where I can.


  1. I am on the board of a Pot Belly Pig Assn. in CA. We are in deseparate need of items to sell as fundraisers. I have looked all over the internet for pig faces, to make pins out of them. Would you be so kind as to send me the pattern for the crochet pig face? The group would really appreciate it. We'd love to make them to sell for a donation, but can't find any pattern. Thanks so much!

  2. Spike, I can email you the pig face pattern. It is really easy to make.