Friday, June 4, 2010

Life In A Snow Globe is now Living In A Snow Globe

   I think I might have confused some people when I changed my blog name from Life In A Snow Globe to Living In A Snow Globe. I changed the name because the latter is closer to the address which is It's the same thrilling blog.
   We are having a temporary break in the rain right at the moment. I'm sure it won't last. The birds are enjoying the break. They are trying to get the food out of the abandoned squirrel feeder. I guess it will have to modified into a bird feeder.
   Yesterday morning when I went to get a closer look at the garden, the sunflower seeds were doing nothing. Later in the afternoon. 6 had popped up. The carrots still aren't doing anything. Maybe they are bad seeds. With all the rain, they might come up all over the garden.
   I'm sure I planted too much spinach to be ready at one time, but I planned on freezing it. Last year, the spinach went to seed before it even got leaves. Strange.
   The potatoes haven't come up yet, but they took a while last year. We still need to get more to plant.
   Most of the 300 onions are coming up. I keep thinking I should get more to plant. We go through a lot of onions, and I plan on dehydrating and freezing a good portion of them.
   The tomatoes are doing pretty well in the walls of water. They are almost up to the tops of them now. We heard on a news program the other day, that the proper way to plant the plants is to strip off most of the leaves and plant then sideways. This way they are suppose to get more roots and have a stronger base. Maybe if we get more tomatoes, we will try this. We did plant some seeds also, last week, but, as of today, they haven't come up.
   I haven't started my sewing projects yet, but I did come up with more of them. I have one baby afghan almost finished, so I guess that's progress.  We seem to be having a grandchild baby boom around here, so baby afghans are what I have been working on lately.
   I have managed to get most of the spring cleaning done, thanks to all this rain. Once I'm done, does this mean I can ignore the house and do what I want to do? It sounds like a plan to me. Of course, all this rain is also making the weeds grow like crazy, so the garden will need weeded. Then there is the flower bed I haven't planted yet. It might be getting too late for that, even though it's only early June.
   I was talking to our son, Daniel, the other day, and telling him I have to star stocking up for winter soon. He thought that was really funny, since it was still May then. I told him life is different up here, and we have to think of these things long before the snow comes, and I hear it's suppose to be another record snow year. We did switch the living room and den around, so I'll have different windows to stare out.
   For now, we just watch the birds and the weeds grow.

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