Monday, June 7, 2010

I Finished A Baby Afghan, But My List Of Things To Make Is Still Long

   I finished this baby afghan for Amy's baby that is due in Dec. It's left over yarn I had from grandson Alix's baby afghan and a shawl I made for me. I like the color red. It's called Autumn Red  and it's Simply Soft by Caron.
   At one time, I had made 20 white squares and edged them with the red. I slipped stitched them together so the squares are puffy. It wasn't big enough for a baby afghan, so I went around the whole thing a few rounds and the added some to the ends and sides. Now, it's 38"x27".  It turned better than I thought it would. I put a scalloped edging around it and even managed to get scallops on the corners.
   I should have been finishing up cleaning the house, but Tim brought the latest illness from work, and he stayed home sick, and I think I am getting it.  You know, the little scratchy throat and the ears feel kind of funny. I don't want it any worse than it is now. Amy and Daniel are coming Wed. and I know they don't want it, especially Amy, who is pregnant. I'm pretty sure Daniel doesn't want it, either.
   There is a woman who works with Tim and she never stays home when she's sick, so she shares all her germs. So nice of her.
   The weather turned out to be half way decent today. Just a few sprinkles and some good thunder. Scared the dogs.
   The carrots and corn and peas are coming up in the garden. We had a coyote wander through it last night. Coyotes are a terrible problem out here. They are very well fed, too, with all the deer and other animals around here.
   On the news this weekend, there was a story about a cougar in Deer Park, WA, that was caught after it had killed a woman's goats and another woman's llamas and goats. It was euthanized because it had a taste for farm animals and it wasn't afraid of humans. Cougars are also a problem out here. It was probably 30 minutes from here.
   The people that have lived out in this area don't really think too much about things like that happening. It's just one of those things you have to put up with, like tornadoes in other parts of the country. I know I would rather not have to put up with tornadoes.
   Tomorrow for fun, I am giving Chip a bath so he's nice and clean for company. Ah, he just needs a bath anyway. When I'm done, I'll be cleaning a water splattered bathroom.
   I just need to keep telling myself, I don't get sick, it's bad for my health.



  1. That afghan looks so nice, and I am sure the baby will love it, thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear you are sick, but you sound very chipper at least. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Hmm.. I want one! Since thats a baby size... can you make me a ummm Man size one?