Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Planted More Deer Food Today

   Tim and I, (mostly Tim) planted more deer food today. We planted 2 more blueberry plants, 2 blackberry plants, 1 raspberry plant and 3 rhubarb plants. When I was planting the rhubarb, the pot that held what looked like a double sprout was really 2 plants, so we got 3 for the price of 2.
   Tim and I have never had rhubarb, but hey, why not? If we don't like it, we'll harvest and give it to someone who does.
   We've decided we need 2 more blueberry plants, so we can feed the deer and birds really well when the berries are ripe and ready to pick.
   I have more beans and peas to plant. Chip and Jake, really like green beans. I'll share, they can have mine. I was staggering them so hopefully they wouldn't all be ready at the same time. If all we've planted does well, I am going to be so busy. Tim says our garden is 60'x50' and it will be bigger next year.
   I read in a pest control book that deer don't like rosemary. Maybe we should plant a hedge of rosemary all around the garden. Deer also don't like anything smelly. Well, neither do I. I've heard bars of soap work to repel deer, but only if you've used it and then it's mostly the human scent that repels them. If we dig a moat and fill it with water, it too, is suppose to keep the deer out.  That one sounds like a wee bit much work.
   I took Chip out and tied his leash to a tree branch, since he tends to not come back. That was a mistake. I foolishly thought since the weeds had been mowed down, they wouldn't get in his curls so much. Nope. Just smaller pieces to pick out. You'd think I would have learned by now that poodles and the great outdoors don't mix. He's also not a hot weather dog, even though his coat is about an inch long now, and it was only in the upper to lower 80's today, and he was in the shade. A very nice breeze went with the temperature today.
   I get out of some garden work tomorrow because I have to make cookies and bread. I have clothes to sew and crocheting to do also, even though I hear my spinning wheels calling me.  We're getting very pioneerish here.
   A big part of me thinks we should have started this before we were in our 50's. Maybe it's our midlife crisis? Sky rocketing food prices? All the junk that is in food from the grocery store? Stupidity? Who knows? I'm still sure this getting healthy bit is going to kills us.

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