Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amy and Daniel's Visit

   Amy and Daniel came up here last week, and of course, it rained most of the time. Being from So. Cali. they don't see much of that. At least it didn't pour all the time.
   We drove them all over the place showing them the green sights. Another thing they don't have down there. Amy has been here before, but this was Daniel's first visit. He liked it up here.
   Saturday was a nice day, and Tim and Daniel got to go fishing. Tim caught an ugly fish called a sucker fish and Daniel caught 2 trout. I hear it was only because Tim had let Daniel use his lucky fishing pole. While the fisherman were off fishing, Amy and I watched The Proposal and I finished sewing 2 pairs of pants and fixed the purse I made for her. We had pizza instead of fish. There weren't enough to go around.
   Chip had to bark all the time. He didn't like people over. At least he wasn't trying to attack anyone. Amy discovered on Saturday that she could get Chip to like her if her shoes were off. The goofy poodle has a foot fetish. Bare feet are good, but feet in socks are the best. They don't even have to be smelly socks.  Now, we know the secret of how to get Chip to accept people. When ever we have anyone come over and we want Chip to like them, we'll just have them take their shoes off.

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