Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More of Amy and Daniel's Visit

   I finally downloaded the pictures I took when Amy and Daniel were here. One of the places we took the to was Farragut State Park in Athol, ID. Tim and I stayed at the park for a month or longer when we first came up here. You usually can't stay longer than 2 weeks at a time, but it was the off season and no one was there, and since we paid our fees, I don't really think they cared.
   Farragut State Park was a navel training station in WW II. Some of the buildings still stand, but the forest has reclaimed most of them. We visited the Brig which has been turned into a museum. Pretty interesting.     
   Farragut is along the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. Lake Pend Oreille is 65 miles long and 1150 feet in some areas and has a surface of 148 square miles. A very beautiful place, indeed. Farragut has the usual wildlife that is up here and there are also some interesting Columbia Ground Squirrels. Way too many of them. They talk back to you and are a lot of fun to watch.

   We also stopped at a place called Wolf People in Cocolalla, ID. Every time Tim and I would drive past there, we thought of Amy since she really likes all things wolves.
   There were 2  timber wolves there that day. We were told about their bigger wolf education ranch where we could have petted captive bred wolves and pups, but we were a broke bunch and didn't want to pay the $8.00 a person to get in. One day, we will probably do that.

   There is so much to see and do up here, it was hard deciding where to take Amy and Daniel. I don't think we will ever see and do everything up here.
   My parents are coming up her in July. I wonder where we will take them. Also, a niece is coming up here to see if she wants to live up here, so we'll have to take her to see the sites. The possibilities are endless. I guess everyone will just have to move up here.

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