Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is The weekend

This is Mother's Day weekend. Up here, that means it's plant your garden weekend. Tim is busy overhauling our rototiller, which has been sitting for a long time. This year, I think we need his and hers gardens. My spot for the garden isn't the approved garden spot. I'd like flowers this year, besides the vegies. Tim was told, and he told me last year, that the men up here "let" their wives have flower gardens if they keep them weeded. What a laugh. Everywhere I want to plant flowers is a bad spot. You'd think, with 5 1/2 acres there would be somewhere I could plant flowers. I am going to plant marigolds in and around the garden. Hopefully, deer don't like them. We'll see what kind of mishaps strike the garden this year.

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