Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elvis The Rooster

   Yesterday morning, the attack poodle went to the front room window and started barking his little poodle head off. I didn't see anything when I looked. I didn't think much of it, since he does this when he sees the horses' legs from 2 acres over. Chip is a pretty good watch dog, but at times, I really think he either needs glasses or his head examined, or both.
   Eventually, a man and his son came to the door and told me they were looking for their pet rooster, Elvis. The man told me the rooster's name was Elvis because he chased all the girls away. Anyway, Elvis flew the coup. I hadn't seen a wayward rooster, but said I'd keep an eye out for one.
   Later, when I went to water the garden, I noticed chicken feathers in it. I guess they were really rooster feathers. Not a good thing, I thought to myself. There is a coyote problem up here, and I figured that was what happened to Elvis, and just hoped the kids didn't come across what was left of him.
   A couple of hours later, 3 kids went running by, and I wonder why are they running through our yard, they have 60 acres to play in. Then, charging out of the tall grass, I see this little brown rooster. I was happy to see Elvis wasn't coyote food, after all. The kids were trying to catch Elvis. It was pretty funny to watch, a small rooster being chased by 3 laughing kids, zigzagging all over the place.
   I guess the kids finally caught Elvis, or he flew back into their yard, since they all disappeared, and I'm figuring they went home.
   I'm sure Elvis will be back in our yard sometime, and the kids with him. I'd much rather have Elvis than a flock of sheep. I just hope the kids don't go running through our mostly fenced in garden.

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  1. LOL! Great story!

    Thanks for the visit! You are brave to move to the northern regions, all right! It does get frosty up here, though, now in Ontario we have record-breaking heat!
    Fox : )