Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally, it was time to plant our garden

   At long last, the weather cooperated, and we were able to plant most of the garden. We still need to plant the tomatoes, but it's been in the mid to upper 20's at night, so they are still in the house. We are going to try walls of water this year for them. We hear they are the way to go. I hope so, since the tomatoes really need to go outside. They aren't looking to perky right now. We are also planting more potatoes. I think we need to try sweet potatoes this year, too.
   I know it will eventually happen, but so far, no deer. Could be, because it's just a patch of tilled dirt right now until thing start to grow. We are planting a lot of onions and potatoes since we go through them. You'd think, that being a hop, skip and a jump from Idaho, the potato state, we'd be able to get good potatoes here, but we don't.
   We are also planting garlic, red and green bell peppers(yuck), spinach, lettuce, tons of corn, radishes, carrots, turnips, green beans and peas and assorted squash. Oh, and of course zucchini, so we can give it to everyone we know. Kind of a we'll take yours, if you take ours thing. We figure if we over plant, we should have some after the deer eat their share. We will also give to friends and neighbors if we have more than we need.
   I plan to dehydrate most of it. It reconstitutes in boiling water, lasts a long time, keeps more nutrients than canning or freezing, and the biggest reason is, it won't be taking up room in our tiny freezer. It gets to take up room in the pantry. For some reason, I keep thinking my dehydrator won't live through this year, even though I have never had any problems with it.  Could be because I've had it since 1993.
   The sheep that live behind us seem to be happy, and well fenced, in their many acres this year. Good thing, since there are a lot more of them. Time will tell, though.

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