Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowiest November Since 1897

   Well, it's official. November was the snowiest month since 1897. Spokane International Airport is the official rain/snow measuring site, and they said we had 25.9 inches of snow this month.
   When we moved up to this area in 2006, we didn't have much snow, and residents here and in Rathdrum, ID, where we lived first, said they hadn't had much snow here for 7 years or so. They also said, it was time to start again.
   The winter of 2008-2009, we had about 123 inches at our house here in Elk. Last year, we had much less. The airport measurement was 13.7 inches. Big difference. We're off to a snowy start this year. I also slipped on ice and broke my arm and had to be surgically but back together again. That's why I'm not allowed out in the winter anymore.
   When I was 7, I was swinging upside down from one of our clothes line poles, flew off and hit a tree. My first broken bone. It was also a bad break. if I'm going to break something, I might as well do a good job of it. Anyway, a neighbor's son wanted to know if they screwed my arm back on. They didn't, but almost had to, so having screws in my arm the last time was kind of funny.
   On top of all this snow, we have had warmer temperatures above freezing, and rain. This makes for very icy conditions. I can see where Tim has cleared, about 3 inches of ice.
   Investing in a snow blower (snow thrower?) was a wise decision. The first winter we were in our house here, the snow was so bad, we had to hire a guy with a bulldozer do clear the driveway so we could get in and out. Before we hired him, Tim tried to clear off the very long driveway with the snow shovel. Last year, he didn't need the snow blower.
   Last night when Tim got home from work, it didn't look like he needed to get out there and clear snow. About 6:00PM, I looked out the window and broke the bad news to him. The snow was falling much harder and out he went. He came back in grumbling and said the snow blower was frozen. He got it working and spent 1 1/2 hours clearing. He was just so thrilled. Tim's been saying that people who have lived here all their lives, or many many years, can't believe the snow this year. Once again, it could be worse. It has snowed in July, or so I've heard. It has snowed in May or June since we've been up here. I would still rather have the snow than tornadoes or hurricanes.
   Since we can't afford to move, and have no intention of moving anyway, I guess we should get used to it.   We did want seasons other than brown. Maybe not so much white, but that's how it goes. Our first winter up here, the newscasters were complaining it looked like they were going to have a brown Christmas, since it hadn't snowed yet. We thought that was pretty funny since they had green grass still and we had just moved from the Mojave desert and we really know what a brown Christmas looks like.
   Since we have maybe 4 more months of this, guess what a lot of blogs will be about?

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