Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Snow Globe Pictures

Mt Spokane was out today
    We had more snow yesterday. We got about 10 inches. It's really pretty outside, but really frigid. Neither dog wants to go out, but the cold is hardest on Chip, the wimpy poodle. I'm crocheting him booties. Chip always wanders to far out and it hurts his feet to walk back to the house. I've been sending him out on the leash, so he can only go about 13 feet from the house.
   We are suppose to be really cold this weekend. It's a good weekend to stay home, but we need to make a quick trip into Deer Park and then we'll just stay home.
   I'm finally feeling almost normal again. being sick over Christmas is no fun, but then again, being sick anytime is no fun.
   I hope everyone has a safe New Year and 2011 is good to everyone.

We had sun today, but no warmth


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