Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is that weird noise?

Lately, Tim and I have heard a weird tapping in the house. I thought it sounded like the pipes making noise. If you were in one end of the house, it was loud there, but if you walked to the other end of the house, it was loud there, also. I thought I had it narrowed down to the water heater. I was wrong. I went outside to see if I saw anything flapping in the breeze. Nope, nothing flapping, just a bird flying away. A bird wouldn't be making that type of noise. Wrong! It was a woodpecker. A confused woodpecker. It was pecking at all the metal vents on the roof, hopping from one vent to another, pecking all the way. The mystery was solved. We have a metalpecker. It pecks at different times of the day, all day long. It drives the dogs crazy, but they are getting used to it. It was kind of driving me crazy trying to find out what it was, too.We have even seen it pecking the stop sign down the street. OK, I suppose it could be another metalpecker at the stop sign. We do have your normal run of the mill woodpeckers out here as well, but this is the first metalpecker we've seen or heard. We have discovered that, sometimes, the wildlife up here is just weird. People up here jokingly call it W.A.C.O., Wild Animal Conspiracy Organization, and they are getting even with people for all the things people have done to animals. Sounds fair to me. So, if you ever hear a weird tapping at your house, look outside. Maybe you have your very own metalpecker, too.

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