Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mountain Lion Attack

  Tim and I found out from our next door neighbor, that, a couple of weeks ago, a mountain lion attacked a horse in the yard of the people that live across the street from him. By the time the horse's owners found the horse, it was a couple of miles from here, and was pretty clawed up. The horse survived the attack.
  Tim told some coworkers about the attack and they told him to be sure and look up into the trees when we go out and get some bear spray and an air horn.
  We live in a wooded area, but we aren't really out in the sticks. We have neighbors all around us. I never have gone out too much when it's dark outside because ou all the eyes you see at different heights. Pretty creepy. I don't see well in the dark anyway. Tim is having second thought about his going out at night, too. We have one of those million candle lights he takes with him whe he leaves for work in the mornings to see what's out there.
  I'd need to get a backpack to carry everything in just to go to the street and get the mail. I guess when Jake and Chip and I go to get the mail and take the trash out, we are really trolling for mountain lions.


  1. Wow and I was worried about mountain lions in Lake LA. Guess I won't be going there any time soon lol

  2. Ah, they're only across the street. They wouldn't dare cross the street.