Monday, March 15, 2010

Uh Oh! I'm Thinking Again

Yup, I'm thinking again, and sometimes it's scary. It's not, this time. At least not much. I think I will have to get an outdoor cast iron dutch oven and try cooking in the great outdoors. It is suppose to be easy to do, with practice. I have been looking at dutch ovens and have decided that the weight of the oven will determine the size I get. Being the weakling that I am, I don't want one that weighs more than 17 or 18 pounds empty. I think that's about a 5-6 quart size.  Along witht the dutch oven, there is the lid lifter, and cleaning brush and cookbooks to get. Next, it will be the tripod to hold the dutch oven. Lots of gadgets and gizmos you can get, but all you really need is the dutch oven. It would be nice to take camping, use when the electricity is out, since our house is all electric, and just to cook with at home. There is the problem of finding someplace to store it when not in use. Guess I'd just have to use it all the time to take care of that problem. Think of the muscles I'll get hefting it around. Then again, I could just wat until Tim is hame and have him move it around for me. I would really like to do it all without help. I hear weight bearing exercise is good for osteoporosis so it'll do me good.

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  1. yeah but don't you have a weight limit thrown in there?