Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's the wildlife?

My parents and oldest daughter are up here visiting us. This is my parents' first visit to our new house. After telling them about all the wildlife that comes through our yard, they were/are looking forward to seeing some. Wouldn't you know it, nothing has come by for them to see. White tail deer have walked right up to the house on the lawn and through out poor garden, which is finally doing well. It's funny, Tim and I both said the first question they'd ask when they got here was how did we find this place, and it was. Even before they got out of their motorhome. We told them the truth. We found this place on the internet. Our daughter was using apricot mango soap only to find out bugs really like it. Wildlife or no wildlife,and being eaten by bugs, I hope everyone has a nice visit. I know I am.

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