Monday, June 22, 2009

I caught a bass!

Saturday, I caught a big mouth bass. It was a huge one. Only about 6 inches or so, but it was a big mouth bass. I also caught a perch. It was a pretty fish. Both were released after they had their photo op. One thing that was biting more than the fish was the mosquitoes. We wondered why people were bundled up in hoodie sweat shirts and wind breakers. They were zipped in with the hoods tied snugly. I was zipped up after I was bitten a few times. Next time, bug repellent is a must. It was really pretty at Chase Lake. So many places to see and so much to do up here.


  1. Great post. A real fun read. Love all the pictures that you have on your site.

  2. haha I bet it would have made a nice snack for murphey